Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

earlham college

"They gathered sticks and kindled a fire and left it burning."
-from the log of Robert Fowler, captain of the Woodhouse, 1657.
Carved into the mantel in the dining hall at Earlham College.

Mary Dyer, Quaker
"Witness for religious freedom,
hanged on Boston Common, 1660"
(statue outside of Stout Meetinghouse, Earlham College).

"If every college and university sharpened young minds and consciences as effectively as Earlham does, this country would approach utopia." 
Colleges That Change Lives
by Loren Pope

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My beloveds...
Me, Lindsey, Hannah, Batman, Gretta,
Stewart and our daughter-in-law, Dawn.
Taken at Hannah's graduation from Earlham College in 2010.
We are all Earlham grads, except Gretta, who is a Knox College girl. 

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