Sunday, October 14, 2018

weekend antics

 well of course we would start our sister pie adventure with
because we are, after all, in VERMONT!

(but merciful heavens,
what a insanely naughty list of ingredients!) is very important to read through the instructions 
several times before you undertake a recipe in this book.
we were not so careful and ended up 
wing-a-ding-dinging it a bit.

even so, the pie was killer delicious.
(can you tell we're not real sure to take a "selfie"?)

this afternoon we drove down to king arthur flour
in two cars and did some fun shopping.
we didn't spend much, but we found some things we were looking for.
then frances headed south to go back to school and 
franny and i headed north to come back home.

we haven't checked in with current events in days,
but we've talked knitting, mending, sewing,
family, cooking, gardening and books.
we've played with the cats, watched the sunset, consumed
buckets of hot tea, planned future projects.

and that, dearest friends is how you
don't let the bad guys get you down.

sometimes it's okay to shut out the "real" world
and just make your own powerful fun.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

intergenerational friends

 there may be a hard frost tonight,
so we are harvesting what we can.

my best friend franny is here 
from mount desert island, maine.
her granddaughter, frances, drove over from 
the university of new hampshire to spend some time with us.

frances is always up for a project, so we 
went out to clip some rose hips.
can you see frances behind the rose bush?
 we battled the prickers as best we could,
and managed to collect a nice bunch of the rose hips.
 peeking at the instructions here,
frances created a lovely wreath to take home
to her apartment in new hampshire.
franny and frances are beloved members of our extended family.
we are having a fine time catching up on things.

three generations of sisterhood.

later this afternoon we are
undertaking our first pie from the sister pie cookbook.

can you guess which pie we'll bake first?

Friday, October 12, 2018

pausing on the road

sometimes these grey days feel like a gift.

after a day filled with meetings in barre,
i drove up the hill, shrouded in fog.
i was tired, my mind was racing.

at the meetinghouse i pulled over, 
got out and stretched and took some deep breaths.

the air was dense with moisture,
the colors, muted.

there was spaciousness in that moment.


how often we forget what a magical shift in energy
we can create 
in just a few, carefully crafted moments. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

giveaway winner and a visit to vermont

hello friends.
this is the road we live on...
it's been overcast for days,
but yesterday the sun came out for a bit,
so i thought i'd snap a few pictures for you.
this is the top of our neighbor's driveway.
i often stop here to see the panoramic view.
 heavy traffic while on my walk.
 one of vermont's  iconic sugar maples,
just on the other side of the stone wall.
 these two golden beauties sit at the bottom of our property.
(the meadow has had its annual "brush-hogging")
 we have a new batch of houseguests arriving soon.
the picnic table benches will probably be pulled over 
to the fire pit one evening.
batman may pull out the telescope to check out the
autumn constellations. 
 on my way to the gym this morning
i paused in the driveway to soak in the early 
morning light, glowing on the hills to the west of us.

these days are fleeting.
i really try to be fully present for their wonder.

i thought you might like to pause with me.

(3 folks left comments.
2 folks sent e-mails.)
i pulled a name out of a wooden bowl.
the giveaway winner is BEVERLY.
please e-mail me your snail mail address,
and I'll get the bunting into the mail on friday.

do not dismay if you missed out.
i'll be doing more giveaways in october.


(sometime next week i'll post a collection of 
fun resources and distractions that you 
have shared with me this week.
thank you so much for sending them along).

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

tula tuesday::week 35

 block number 31
from tula pink's
city sampler
100 modern quilt blocks.

some carolyn friedlander trees,
my own indigo and some very old calico.
inspired by the foliage,
which has finally had a chance to shine
after many, many cloudy, grey days
here in vermont.

(if you'd like a chance at a wee giveaway,
scroll back to yesterday for details.)

Monday, October 8, 2018

a wee giveaway

 this afternoon, i was trying to think of a simple way 
to offer a tiny bit of comfort for you, dearest readers.

i ducked into my sewing studio and stitched a few
scraps from my natural dyeing projects 
onto a piece of grosgrain ribbon.
it was put together spontaneously,
so it is rustic and has some wabi.
this bunting is just a small thing,
but maybe it will remind you of indigo and tansy, growing here in vermont.
maybe it will remind you of blue skies and golden sunshine.
maybe it will remind you of how so many of us 
are tied together over the wonders of the internet, one to another, despite the miles.

if you would like a chance to find this bunting in your mailbox,
please leave a comment here, or send me an e-mail.

i'll toss your names into a basket and draw one winner.
i'll pull a name and post the winner here late wednesday afternoon.

this giveaway is now closed.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

a new day


Friday and Saturday were two of the very worst days, weren't they?

Yesterday I raged.

I ate bad food. Tortilla chips and Brach's Autumn Mix. I know I was eating my feelings.

I used my seam ripper a lot, until I realized it wasn't a good idea to be sewing anger into a gift, so I walked away.

Lindsey and Scott are here for the long weekend and that has been a help. They were the ones that suggested we all spend the evening with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. If ever there were a time for wizards, it is now.

"This pain is part of being human...the fact that you can feel pain 
like this is one of your greatest strengths."
-Albus Dumbledore

The dawn today was framed by misty swirls around the hills. 


Fraught with foreboding.


It's a new day. A day to rest, process our crazy new reality and get our feet back under ourselves. 

Let's take time, friends. Time to do what we need to do to be ready for whatever comes next.