Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Thursday, August 16, 2018

bonnets and flowers and aretha

gretta sent me some fabric from her stash and
asked me to make a few hats for maggie b.
pledging to stay on the hill today, i hunkered in and 
finished two wee bonnets.
there was a lot of fussy cutting with the lotta jansdotter fabric,
and i used this free pattern by shwin&shwin

the liberty of london fabric was a dream to work with,
and i used a free pattern on the purl soho website.

corazón and wilma joined me in the sewing studio
and we have been working on kitten etiquette
amidst the fabric, pins and thread.
wilma is not always a shining example of best behavior.

our flower csa from stitchdown farm
continues to delight.
(another week with some snow in the mountains,
a gorgeous green and white bloom).

we listened to an afternoon of public radio programming,
covering the extraordinary life of aretha franklin.

i'm hoping all of aretha's light and love and truth
seeped into the stitches i sewed
and that little maggie b will someday
get to know the music of the queen of soul.

we will miss aretha's

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

tula tuesday::week 28

 block number 18
from tula pink's
city sampler
100 modern quilt blocks.
 and the soggy, tiny crabapples that inspired it.
it's so wet up here that we can't even see the mountains.
 block number 97
and the onion bloom 
that inspired it.
(not sure this block will make the final cut...)
 and then i stitched this little needle case
to pop into the mail for a friend.
i really do love to spend time down in my funky
sewing studio space in the basement.
it's a refuge.
where are you finding sanctuary these days?


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

tula tuesday::week 27

 block number 72
 from tula pink's
city sampler
100 modern quilt blocks.
and the inspiration behind it.

sewn with scraps of fabric from spoonflower
and designed by my friend anne
at mygiantstrawberry

(apologies for the photo quality...
a thunderstorm just rolled through,
bringing some more blessed rain
but it darkened the skies!)

Monday, August 6, 2018

for today

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."
-Albert Schweitzer

(photo taken by Hannah, 
during our family week here in VT).

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

tula tuesday::week 26::a finished tula quilt

 the front
 the back
some quilting
 in place
the binding

  • This January, I began a year of "Tula Tuesdays", pledging to sew a square a week from Tula Pink's book, City Sampler, 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. You can read about the beginnings here.
  • Soon after I began the project, my inspiration went in two, very different directions. Sometimes I drew my ideas for my weekly block from what was going on around our "bit of earth" that week. Sometimes they came from a sweet book Batman and I found on our wanderings. I decided to  go with the flow and pursue both directions, and waited for the creative muse to lead me wherever she may. A week and a half ago (motivated by Maggie B's upcoming visit), I finished a "grandma quilt". This grandma quilt will stay here at our house, along with the sweet book that inspired it, ready for any wee one who comes to stay for a bit.
  • The inspiration for these blocks came from a sweet children's book, I Wrote You a Note, by Vermont illustrator and author, Lizi Boyd.
  • At first, I tried to be very literal in my interpretation of the illustrations. I loved some of those blocks, but I realized that I did not like the aesthetic that was developing. So, those blocks were sewn into the back of the quilt. Once I relaxed and chose fabrics that created the feel of the illustrations, I sewed like gangbusters. 
  • As I pledged at the beginning of the year, I did not buy any new fabric for the squares. I did, however, buy new fabric for the "dashing" or "lattice", for the backing and for the binding. My cousin Kristen and I took a fun road trip to Waterwheel House Quilts to find the teal and turquoise and grey. (Kristen was very patient while I auditioned many fabrics. Customers at the shop also added their advice, which was such fun).
  • I sewed the binding by machine, using a tutorial by Crazy Mom Quilts. This was the second time I've used her tutorial, and it was definitely easier the second time around.
  • I still need to make a label for the quilt, but otherwise this one is done and I'm ready to get back to sewing blocks inspired by our "bit of earth".
We did have a wonderful week with all four kids, spouses and grand baby Maggie here.  I'm re-fortified by love, and just in time...

This morning, with the news that anyone can now legally make a gun with a 3D printer is the last straw for me. 

As I understand it, there are only two things in this world. Things that we have control over, and things that we do not. I am concentrating my energy on the things I have control over and I am not giving energy to the rest. 

Oh, I see you, nasty realities. But I am not giving you the time of day.

There are baby bonnets to sew, a garden to tend, volunteer work to do and so many other productive affirming things to do...

So, friends, let us carry on.  

Peace, love and hope to each of you, kindred spirits.


Tuesday, July 24, 2018

triptych #45

meet "corazón".
(do you see the heart on her chest?)
"cora", for short.
we found her at the
central vermont humane society.
the tent is up, which means all four kids are here,
with partners trickling in as the week unfolds.
(hannah won the view lottery).
wilma and maggie b
meet for the first time.

life is full.

next week things will quiet down and
i'll bring you, dear readers, up to speed.