Monday, August 29, 2016

triptych 35

After being away again for a bit, I spent some time wandering around our place today, soaking in the last little bit of August and I took lots of colorful pictures.  These three, tho, with their muted colors and gentle mood caught my attention. 

-Sweet Wilma
-dried poppy seed heads from the gardens and a bit of birchbark, stashed for an upcoming winter project
-Honeybee's paws

I'm going to try to be around here at sewandsowlife more often, with show and tell.
Autumn is my favorite. xo

Please remember, I am now responding to your comments right here, in the comments section below. It's such fun to hear from you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

honeybee and wilma and getting along

My Mumsie's kitty Honeybee has moved to Vermont to live with us. She is on the left, above. Her life has been turned upside down and she misses my Mumsie (who is working on some of her own changes), her home and the peace and quiet she used to enjoy.

Our growing kitten, Wilma, is on the right. She is SO EXCITED to have a new friend and she just won't give Honeybee much of a rest. 

They are working things out, very slowly. Honeybee does much growling and hissing with ears laid back and she gives warning swats. Wilma just dances around her on tip toes, chirping kitten chirps and follows Honeybee everywhere.

Make no mistake, there are "time outs" during the day and they are shut apart at night. We don't want to push our luck...

But twice now I have caught them napping in the same room.

I watch them and wonder why new relationships are sometimes so difficult to navigate. "The Other" looms large for so many of us. 


Over and over again the magic word is patience.

Maybe trust, too.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

these days

These days are filled with changes. I've been away for a bit, but am back at home for now. Recharging my batteries for whatever comes next.  Soaking in the restorative air here on the ridge. Watching the fog drift around the birches. Breathing in and out. 

Gathering supplies to dye with plants.

Reorganizing my ebb project, to extend the size of the piece. An "in process" photo has been submitted for consideration for inclusion in a special exhibit by the VTMQG at the Champlain Valley Quilt Guild show in October. (eek!)

Reading The Housekeeper and the Professor for book club this Friday. We share a themed meal along with discussion. I plan to make these to take along.

How about you, dear readers...what are you reading, knitting, sewing, growing, thinking about these days?


Saturday, August 6, 2016


A few weekends ago I spent a day with quilting star Carolyn Friedlander, participating in a workshop hosted by my favorite little shop in Burlington, nido. It was great fun to pack up my supplies, drive north along gorgeous interstate 89 and then unpack in a classroom full of friends, both old and new. Carolyn was a wonderful teacher. She shared clear directions, encouraging comments and introduced a few products and techniques that were new to me. I love her emphasis on "slow stitching" and her book Savor Each Stitch has become a source of inspiration for me. 

In the morning we worked on paper piecing with her pattern "outhouse". I had done plenty of paper piecing before, years ago. The technique came right back to me and I was reminded that it often feels like one is thinking "inside out" when doing paper piecing. It was such fun to see all the different versions of the wee little houses that classmates made. Such a variety of interpretations!

We broke for lunch hour and then switched gears and took up hand applique.

In the photo at the top of this post, you can see progress on my own version of her applique pattern "ebb". I rummaged thru a lot of my scraps and collected fabrics that remind me of our meadow. The piece is hand appliqued, and I am loving Carolyn's needle-turned technique. The biggest challenge to getting this done in a timely fashion is the trouble caused by a certain kitten who is ever so intrigued by a needle and thread...

Have any of you been trying something new? My friend Anne over at My Giant Strawberry has inspired some folks to try daily work in sketchbooks. She's got a wonderful series on her blog, highlighting various artists and their daily habits, and she is offering her own class at Skill Share as well.

Also, please note that from now on, I will respond to your thoughtful comments here on the blog, right under your own comment. I look forward to more dialog with you, dear readers!

You may also notice a new blog over in the sidebar. "A Repository For Growth" was my answer to my aging brain. Sometimes I hear a great piece on the radio or read something and then forget where it came from. The new blog is my attempt to keep track of these things. Maybe you will find something of interest there, too.

It's also my intention to update our reno blog eventually. There is so much to say!


Sunday, July 31, 2016

four plus

All four kids and a few partners are under the new roof for the first time. Everyone has fallen in love with Wilma. Last night a game of Ticket to Ride was played under the new pendant lamp on the three season porch. Gathered under its light there was teasing and baiting and laughter. At twilight the Falu red glowed. My heart went pitter patter. 

Dear readers, keep your hopes and dreams front and center in your daily life. Give them priority. Big or small, your dreams deserve attention.

Sometimes we can make them come true.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Saturday, July 23, 2016

bathroom curtains

Oh, these birches. 
The fabric, stashed for a few years, just waiting for a project.
Last week my beloved Bernina  (just back from her stay at the spa) and I made it happen.
The simplest of curtains.

Now, I often think of Little Red Riding Hood when I walk into this bathroom. Maybe I need to stitch a red hooded cape to hang on the back of the door?