In the midst of moving from Connecticut to Vermont. Dreams really can come true.

Monday, April 14, 2014

life at warp speed

I was out at Earlham College last week and was delighted to be invited to speak with a group of current students about the role of making in my life. I visited Nancy Taylor's Art Cloth course and showed a slide show of some of my work. I had never done anything like this before and I felt both excited and vulnerable. Of course, in typical Earlham style I was warmly received and put at ease right away. Other than a few slide show glitchy things, I think I did an OK job. Looking back at my life through the lens of making was eye opening for me and I think I may want to work on it some more, in a more formal way. Not sure how that will happen, but I am intrigued.  

I love the time I spend on campus, because it is filled with what matters most to my heart. Earlham, like many small liberal arts colleges struggles to meet the challenges of modern life, but its mission remains strong. Recent and exciting innovations to programming will enable students to step out into the world with real life skills and confidence. Our graduates are people that our world desperately needs. For me, catching up with professors, current students and old friends just makes the work all the sweeter. 

Flying back to La Guardia was a treat as well. As we descended into the New York area we flew right up the Hudson River. I waved to Gretta in Brooklyn, and watched the late afternoon sunshine flash off of the Freedom Tower, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. Central Park was filled with tiny, tiny people out in a glorious spring afternoon, and I could see the tress blooming in pinks and whites. Since I will most likely be flying in and out of Burlington from now on this was an especially fine farewell.
On Sunday morning Batman and I drove to Brooklyn to deliver a box to Gretta and Ben. As we consolidate our two kitchens we put duplicates in a box for their apartment. Lunch, a walk in Prospect Park (filled with magnolia blooms, on osprey sighting and dogs, dogs, dogs) and a good visit and then we were back in CT by late afternoon. 
Always on the lookout for inspiration, I noticed this Prospect Park patchwork pattern right under our feet.

The days are flying and I feel the pull to have "one last lunch" or "one last walk" with friends here in CT, but we remind one another that we won't be so far away and I will be back for meetings and to visit Hannah. The house here is ghostly, with all but the biggest furniture already moved to Vermont. A set of 8 dining chairs flew out the door via Freecycle this weekend. Change of address postcards sit in a stack on the counter, the dining table is covered with packing materials and the houseplants will go to Vermont in the next trip.

We are in the midst of a crazy real estate glitch that is working itself out, and some day we will be able to laugh about it, but for about a week it was a living nightmare. Maybe sometime this summer, when I'm on the other side of it I'll tell you all about it. 

I have missed reading many of your blogs and look forward to catching up with them today, as I have a free and clear day with no obligations. Sending you all good cheer and best wishes on this gorgeous spring day!

In CT.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

spring ghosts

My dad's spirit manifests every spring in the song of the spring peepers.
I hear his voice this afternoon.


Friday, April 4, 2014

  • a page from a thrifted "little golden book"
  • the twittering and swooping and exuberance of a flock of robins
  • a windblown nest
  • budding trees against a bright blue sky
With a foot and a half of snow still on the ground and chilly temps, spring is elusive here in Vermont this year. But the birdsong, the steam coming from the vents at the sugarhouses and the gurgle and drip of snow and ice melting everywhere proves that it is on its way.

In our busyness of these past few weeks, I did not check in with all of you Kooser fans. How much did you love that last poem on the vernal equinox? This morning the sun stood right at the end of the road and waited for me.

In VT.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

dreams, manifesting

our fabulous real estate team
batman, st. joseph and ganesha

Well friends, it looks like our long held dream of moving to our beloved bit-of-earth in Vermont full-time is finally really happening. 

Life has been full of negotiation, an inspection, an appraisal, getting quotes, have minor work done, signing a contract and packing. Everything is looking good for a successful closing in a few weeks, and we are moving forward with our transition.

Our dirt road in Vermont is "posted" during Vermont's infamous mud season, limiting the size and weight of vehicular traffic. Rather than bring one big truck up the road, we are making the move in several smaller trucks. This weekend it was books, all the contents of my sewing studio, some furniture and other smaller items. We will do a few more trips with our two vehicles, then get some help with the bigger, heavier furniture at the end.

Pinch me someone. I can barely believe that after all these years of working-planning-hoping-dreaming that this is all really happening.

Dear readers, sometimes dreams really do come true. :-)  

Monday, March 24, 2014

sweet and sweetness

maple sugar on snow

Not sure too many words are required. This is where we spent Sunday morning, one of our favorite places in the Green Mountain state.  Sweet and sweetness, indeed.

In VT.

Monday, March 17, 2014

a teaser

a placeholder,
while there's a vortex of change over here.

it's as if we opened the door a crack
and pent up energy just blew it wide open.

standing in it's blast
is both thrilling and a wee bit terrifying.

is this not life at its very best? 

In CT.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

come on over

multi-grain muffins made with last summer's blueberries.
snowshoe tracks.
the balsam orchard.
light, fluffy, beautiful snow...
...blowing into gentle contoured drifts.
there might be 2 feet of snow out there.
windswept still life.
winter sun.

it's about 9 degrees and very windy,
so i did not stay outside too long.

spring will come, it always does.

in the meantime i am appreciating the 
fire in the wood stove, mugs of tea
and some daydreaming.

vermont public radio and henry keep me company.
dear readers, if you are sick of winter,
i wish you could come by and see the
vermont version.

it's special and might change your mind.

In VT.