Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

tula tuesday::week 15

 block #67 from tula pink's City Sampler.
stitched with a precious scrap of smiling moons
and a bit of fussy cut charlie harper and some dots.

and the inspiration...

a nest found on the ground last fall, 
which now perches on a shelf in our dining room.

yearning for warmer days, nesting birds and 
the mental lift that spring brings,
i could not resist this cheerful combination of fabrics.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

tula tuesday::week 14

block #47 from tula pink's City Sampler.
stitched with a carolyn friedlander print
and a bit of a solid green i'm using in another project.

and the inspiration...
these poor little sweeties fall over when the temps dip
and then pop back up when the sun shines.



Saturday, April 7, 2018

more of detroit

we hit avalon bakery for hot cross buns.
and alley taco for amazing fish tacos and elotes.
and sister pie for salted maple pie.

there are folks in detroit who have opened shop 
with multiple bottom lines.
folks who are reaching out to create businesses based 
on community building, collaboration and sustainability. 
there's a cool letterpress studio, signal return press.
and germack, where i found blood orange tea, 
peach apricot (think iced, in summer) and a "balance" blend.

and check out MoGo!

and we spent time with an amazing docent at 
who helped us see every nook and cranny of 
diego rivera's massive 
detroit industry cycle of frescoes.

we spent time wandering around belle isle conservancy 
where lindsey does some volunteer work.
it was a lovely place to spend time on a chilly march afternoon!
specimens from england's kew gardens were shipped to this 
gorgeous place for safe keeping during ww2.

can't wait to get back to this fascinating city. 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

road tripping

lindsey and scott moved to detroit soon after their wedding.
we recently road tripped out there to visit.
what an remarkable city.
so full of tough realities, resiliency,
despair and hope.

experiencing the heidelburg project was one of my 
favorite parts of our trip.

you can read about it here.
be sure to scroll around the website to 
see all the goodness.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

tula tuesday::week 13

block #27, from tula pink's City Sampler.
stitched with indigo dyed fabric created in this workshop
and some carolyn friedlander scraps.
inspired by a chilly, sunny afternoon a week ago.

(We just returned from a road trip to Detroit and Cleveland,
Check back soon for lots of fun adventures).

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

tula tuesday::week 12

 block # 23 from tula pink's City Sampler
using scraps of fabric from this project.
 i took my inspiration for this block from the messiness
in the garden and under the bird feeders
as winter and spring continue to collide.
so many of the birds are coming back to our neck of the woods
and it's not yet time to trim up the ghosts of gardens past.
an homage to patience in vermont?
this morning every perch on both feeders were
occupied by sweet little goldfinches.
then the bluejays would swoop in and cause a ruckus.

next week the feeders will have to come down.


Sunday, March 25, 2018

democracy in action...and some renewed hope

 On Thursday morning I got up early, got dressed "like a grown-up" and drove down the hill to the interstate and then on up to Montpelier.
 I spent the day at the Capitol building, "under the dome".  Commongood Vermont held a special all-day workshop in honor of Vermont Nonprofit Legislative Day, and it provided me with an opportunity to get some exposure to life in the public sector.

Vermont has a true "citizens legislature", filled with folks who are accessible to their constituents in a special way, due to the state's small size. We know our reps on a first name basis. One of them came to visit us three times when he was running for office. He wrote us a thank you note for chatting and mentioned the issues we spoke about in his follow up. Did I mention he was 21 at the time? He has taken a leave of absence from college to serve out his term.

Networking skills, grassroots organizing and collaboration were big topics in the workshop. We listened to panel discussions on all sorts of issues, including gun legislation, health care, and the budget. The Lieutenant  Governor spoke with our group, as did the  Speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives. After the workshops, I sat in the House chamber and listened to debate over the budget.

I have a renewed respect for the democratic process, and I feel lucky to live in a small state where governance seems fairly transparent and collegial. I felt a glimmer of hope. But, whew, the day exhausted me!

And on Saturday afternoon I watched a bit of TV coverage of the marches around the country. Did you?

Those kids.
Their clarity.
Their fierceness.
Their passion.
Their dedication.

Their POWER.

And the way they are so inclusive...
Race, ethnicity, gender, political party, socio-economic situation, education...

They don't care about all that.

They care about safety.

(and how about Emma Gonzalez?
I hope she runs for office.
That woman is amazing.

A group of our local high school students boarded Amtrak's Vermonter on Friday and went down to DC to join the march. They will be making a documentary as part of their experience, and sharing it with our community. Hear an interview on VPR about these kids here.
Last night I bundled up and took a chair out onto the deck and watched the sun set with a new kind of hope in my heart. 

Do you feel it too?

The youth.

At long last...
leadership with integrity.