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Monday, September 24, 2012

accountability project

Join me this week in an accountability project?

Do you have a closet to clean out, an unfinished sewing project, a stack of paperwork to sort, a report to write, etc, etc, etc?

I have a binding to sew onto Gretta's quilt (yes, she quilted it this summer and left it here with me to sew on the binding). I need a bit of meditative hand work this week, to center me amidst all the different directions I need to be going in. I cut and ironed the binding and machine sewed it this I need to turn it and hand sew it onto the backing. I will finish this by Friday morning, and show you the final results.

How about YOU? Are you game? If you leave a promise in the comments below, we'll all be looking for your progress come Friday morning. Embrace a little peer pressure!

Jump in!


  1. I hope to finish (hand)sewing the first two blocks of my Sampler by next Friday...
    Enjoy your binding job!


  2. i'm in...want to empttyat least 2 more bins...will report friday am. happy binding. tqoe

  3. I have been working on a trip around the world throw quilt that will be a Christmas present for good friends. I intend to finish the top by the end of this week. That's about 8-10 more rows to sew together and two borders.

  4. The Episcopal church in NJ of which I have been Treasurer for the last 4 1/2 years has recruited my replacement to take office in January of next year. I have been working on a financial practices handbook for the past two months, and hope to have a draft version ready for our auditor by the end of this week. It is my gift to the church, and my successor, to leave the treasurer's job in much better shape than I found it.

    Kathy (Hittle) Brennan
    Earlham Class of '80

  5. Yikes, I just saw this and it's Tuesday night, Karen!! I have 3 pictures to complete for an Art Walk our town is having, and they have to be done by Friday!! Not my usual type of pictures - you'll be surprised by them! Tomorrow: a day of sewing!!

  6. I just finished painting pieces of our pergola. They were a reddish-brown stain. Now they are white. The painting took a couple weeks. Waiting for days with no rain, priming, waiting for different sides to dry. More waiting. But it actually took much longer... months of looking at the color I didn't like and getting motivated.

  7. Geez, I have too many things that I know I won't all finish this week, but two doable projects: I would like to finish sewing a little case for Matthias' new iPhone and put the finishing touches on two little acorn paintings.

  8. Thanks for taking on the binding, Mama! It's gotta by symbolic or something... like I do most of the work but you keep it all together? Independence? I dunno, there's gotta be something deep in there! xoxo