Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Thursday, December 13, 2012

glowing orange

A stroll to stretch our legs after a long drive to Vermont.
Sunset to the west,
Venus and Betelgeuse (the red star) shimmering
 in the sky to the east.
Hunting dogs barking down the valley.
A fierce chill in the air.
Local chicken and apple sausages, and onions,
sauteed in a pan on the Home Comfort.
Snug and warm.
Re-watching Downton Abbey season one, 
in preparation for January 6th.

Breathing and noticing and appreciating
simple things in the midst of this busy season.

Relaxing while we may.

Are you able to carve out a bit of peace in your days?


  1. only when we go to our bit of heaven in Galena
    and that is not happening this weekend boo hoo
    I have never watched Downton Abbey...should I?

  2. Such a beautiful sky! I'm so glad you are having a bit of relaxation, Karen. Your Vermont photos always look so cozy!

  3. Sounds delightful. And I too am excited about Downton Abbey. Not so much peace here--there were 5 second-graders over for a cookie-decorating party this evening. But we did love watching the meteor shower as a family tonight. Still, not so peaceful--lots of squealing and pointing. But I'll take it.