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Friday, February 22, 2013

a bunting in february (and the oscars)

Benjamin Moore HC-144
I've been missing my sewing machine. I've not been at her side for days and days. Chucking the punch list for a few hours, I made a bunting for one of the bedrooms. It was fun remembering some of the projects I had made with the fabrics.
The contrast of the aquas and greens with the fresh white trim is spiffy.
Benjamin Moore HC-146
We used Wedgewood Gray in the kitchen, and like most colors, it changes as the sun moves through the day. One of my favorite watercolor paintings has found a new home, "Laundry" by Maine artist Anne Kilham.
The maple cupboards seem pretty happy next to this quiet blue/gray. I'm also really liking the uncluttered, clean look the house is taking on as we continue to purge and pack. Less is more.

The weekend will be busy with more projects, but we'll be taking a break on Sunday night to look for my brother Nelson on the red carpet in LA!!!  (A wee bit of family pride there, I confess).


  1. Way more similar than you imagined, Karen! Not only were we both making buntings but that Palladian Blue wall color is the exact same color as my husbands shirt that inspired my paint choice! We must certainly be on the same wave length:)

  2. First, I love the clean, restful look of your colors, and that lovely bunting!
    Second, I don't blame you for having family pride! Nelson is amazing, as are all the members of your family!! Fingers crossed for ParaNorman!!xo

  3. karen, i love the clean, clear restful yet inspiring...really love the bunting...maybe a tutorial is in order...and good wishes to nelson on sunday!
    best to all as dreams are being realized for all.
    xo tqoe

  4. I love the colours and I love the light - beautiful! And what an amazing brother, too!

    Pomona x

  5. I love the colours you have chosen. I fear they would be depressing in our Northern Europe light they look so much better in your neck of the woods.

  6. Your bunting is such fun and I love it as your new header.

    It's amazing how much colors change at different times of day (and seasons, too!). The colors you chose look so pretty.

  7. I do hope all the work you're doing on your house pays off with a good sale. I can't help remembering that when we were getting ready to put a house on the market 25 years ago, we had a visit from an agent who asked if she could show someone the house BEFORE we undertook our 'make ready' work. That person made us an offer, but we thought we could do better after putting in some work and spending a little money. Two months of hard work later, and then two more months of 'showing' the finished house prior to auction - and we ended up getting exactly the amount we'd been offered in the first place.