Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Sunday, July 21, 2013

oh, i do love my blues

This living in limbo is so odd. We had a second phone line strung from a pole across our neighbor's meadow, and our road, and our front yard, into the house where we have carved out a little office space for Batman's newest venture. He is transitioning to working from Vermont some days and Connecticut some days. It is not ideal, but it is part of moving the dream forward. 

Working outside has been tricky this summer...either rain or unbearable heat have hampered any ambition. My hat and trusty bandana have provided some relief, but I've never been a summer girl, and so I long for the autumn. 

Our favorite flag has been waving with hope and determination. It always makes me smile.

The heat wave has broken, thanks to multiple crazy thunderstorms up here on the ridge. One day there was a lot of rattling of things on the kitchen shelves, not to mention hair standing up on the back of my neck. Thank you Mother Nature for reminding me of who is in charge.

Remember the netting frame we made a few years back? Well, the blueberry bushes have outgrown it, so Batman modified it. We used the same idea and some of the original framing, but built it a bit taller. Since it was such a wet summer here for a while, we have a bumper crop of berries. Sometimes I just pick them, rinse them and throw them into muffins, pancakes or yogurt. Today I spread 8 pints on cookie sheets, froze them and them put them in freezer bags labelled "Homestead blueberries, summer 2013". Dang, that was satisfying!

Hope you are finding time to rest and relax. I thought I'd let our dear, sweet Henry have the last word here today. 


  1. I think of you often, Karen, knowing that you are in an 'in between' state. Yet I feel that you are doing very well at living in the present moment.
    Your blues are lovely and yay for homegrown blueberries! Henry looks like a little child tucked under his blanket!
    I am not a 'summer girl' either, so I know what you mean. So glad the heatwave has broken there, as it has here.
    Take care. xo

  2. That cat. Jeez! Lori came over and made us dinner and we all had a picnic in front of the Breeding Barn and then played music on the porch. Made me feel a bit more relaxed.

  3. I feel as relaxed as Henry does, thanks to my almost daily bicycle rides through my dear and beautiful countryside.
    Thanks for this beautiful post and pictures!


  4. Here weather is hot too hot. They announce thunderstorms for tonight. So we relaxe inside where it's cool, shutters closed. Thanks for the beautiful blues .......

  5. Hoping your blues keep working their magic to cool and sooth this in-between time. Not easy, as I have recently learned myself. Keep breathing and believing. Out of the blue (bad pun I know) came this phrase: God's in his heavens, all's right with the world. Sending love to you and that impossibly cute Henry.
    may have to try something similar to your blueberry cages out here in the midwest.

  6. I love all these amazing blues:) I feel the same way about this summer. Our spring was amazingly frigid and wet, then we went straight to blazing heat. My garden is so sad and not growing at all. Without a garden, really what use is summer? I'm ready for autumn:)

  7. Lovely photos, Karen. Sounds like you're making the most of things, despite the awkwardness of this in-between stage. Things will work out.

    Sending good thoughts your way.

  8. lovely blues... enjoy your berries!

  9. Wow wow and wow. The blueberries look great, enjoy :)