Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Friday, April 4, 2014

  • a page from a thrifted "little golden book"
  • the twittering and swooping and exuberance of a flock of robins
  • a windblown nest
  • budding trees against a bright blue sky
With a foot and a half of snow still on the ground and chilly temps, spring is elusive here in Vermont this year. But the birdsong, the steam coming from the vents at the sugarhouses and the gurgle and drip of snow and ice melting everywhere proves that it is on its way.

In our busyness of these past few weeks, I did not check in with all of you Kooser fans. How much did you love that last poem on the vernal equinox? This morning the sun stood right at the end of the road and waited for me.

In VT.


  1. oh that was my favorite!
    He's such a painter, isn't he?
    still snow! why even we have bare ground now or should I say flooded snow

  2. oh...I did love that last poem...and it was a great way to enjoy the winter solstice...thanks so much for sharing kooser...tqoe

  3. A beautiful end to a beautiful book. Every day was a treat & I miss him! I've been reading in other books of poetry since without the same consistent awe. I should probably go get another of his! Cheers to you for bringing him to our lives. Wishing you that sun up there soon!

  4. Lovely, Karen. Yes, spring is coming, even if the snow doesn't want to let go. Those robins sure make me happy. Every morning and every evening, their laughter and songs make it sound just like spring.

  5. That looks like an Eloise Wilkens illustration and sent me right back to the little golden books I used to read to Katie! Such perfect photos showing us on the brink of Spring! I cannot believe there is still so much snow in Vermont! Wishing you lots of sunshine to melt it and warm your heart!