Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

seeds, mud, maple and robins

As you well know, dear readers, when the world feels especially rough around the edges, I often retreat to the little bits of life that are quiet and unassuming and comforting. If you are feeling frayed by the news, come along with me for a bit...

Batman, the Prince of Optimism, has been starting some of the vegetable seeds indoors. He's built a cold frame from a salvaged window from the demo, but it's not quite warm enough to set the seedlings out there yet. These wee pots are waiting on the table in his office space down in the basement. 

The roads are a mucky, muddy mess for we are in the midst of Vermont's fifth season, that of mud. A few mornings ago I heard this delightful piece on Vermont Public Radio by Willem Lange. It's two and half minutes long and a sweet listen, here

Hand in hand with mud season comes maple sugaring season, already in full swing here in Vermont. I love that as I navigate the frost heaves and rutted mire of the roads, I am often rewarded by seeing steam pouring from the vents in neighboring sugar shacks. One of our neighbors has been traversing our stretch of road daily,  going in one direction with huge empty sap tubs in the back of his pick up and returning home, truck bed heavy with full tubs of sap from his taps. I am sharing my reading time with two amazing cookbook (look at that cover!) and a fun "year in the life of" maple sugaring. Batman came home from work last week with a warm-from-the-evaporator  jug of maple syrup that he bought from a customer at work. That's local.

A flock of about 40 robins landed in the corn stubble along the ridge road on Friday morning.  I saw them hopping about in their robin way, in the midst of a crazy snow squall. I wonder at their fearless hearts, so intent on finding their way back north, despite the mixed messages Mother Nature gives them. I saw them again this morning, so they are managing, it seems.

So friends, I will go get lost in the kitchen, or with a book in the comfy armchair, or along the muddy road and I will be sure to watch the birds. And I'll be looking for the full moon tonight...the "sap moon". Everything will be alright for a bit. Where would you like to wander?



  1. I seek solace, too. Oh this world. I wait for the robins who's song is balm healing balm. we actually had a few robins stay for the winter.

  2. Lovely post. Lovely photos and your words paint lovely pictures of life for you at the moment.

  3. ah...maple sugar on waffles, and a good book with a cup of tea...solace in the little things

  4. I would quite like to wander around Vermont! It sounds idyllic. I would be happy to get lost in the kitchen too cooking tasty treats and then later perusing books in the comfort of my home. :-)