Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, April 18, 2016

triptych 30

Oh, how these April days do tumble one on top of the other! 

-The raised beds got some compost and new topsoil and are ready for some spring rain and planting around Memorial Day.
-Batman crafted a cold frame from materials salvaged from the house demo. Snugged up against the foundation of the garage, it will be warmed by sunshine from the southwest.
-We do love to bring twiggy clippings in from the yard, popping them into containers and watching them open up inside.

Here in Vermont, we have had a string of warm, sunny days. The muddy roads have dried up and there are tiny bits of green sneaking into the landscape. These are the days that our winter weary selves long for. When they finally do arrive, we spend part of each day paralyzed by the intoxicatingly warm sunshine and the birdcall and the scent of the earth waking up.
-Some windows were washed and screens were put up. Sleeping with the windows open on a chilly evening is such a spring treat.
-Root-bound houseplants were repotted and fertilized.
-The house was tidied, the table was set, the grill was fired up and we had a lovely evening with cousins from near and far.
-Last week there was a trip a trip to my Mumsie's, to help her through her second cataract surgery. We hung out with her sweet kitty Honeybee, enjoyed a few rides through my old haunts and just rested up a bit.
-I turned 60 somewhere in the midst of all that, and was delighted to become fairy godmother to the sweetest little black Nubian goat kid down the road. The best birthday gift ever. Neighbors asked if I could look in on little Emma during the day, while they were at work. She was barely 24 hours old. What do you think I said to that???

What have you been up to these days, dear readers? 


  1. (A bit belated) Happy 60th. Birthday wishes to you, dear Karen! Welcome to the 'club' :>)
    You got a most wonderful and unique birthday present.
    Sending love and blessings.


  2. LOVE! Building cold frames has been on our to-do list for so long. We've collected discarded windows from the curb but haven't built the bottom part yet (and our current yard is so small, we're not sure where to put them).

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It's big birthdays for you and me this year. :) Hope the coming year is wonderful! :)