Friday, June 17, 2016

This is Will Alderfer. On Tuesday, my cousin and I drove down to Will's studio at The Cotton Mill in Brattleboro, VT on a very romantic mission. (You can read about his beautiful work here.  Did you notice where he went to college?) We delivered a little pouch with a pair of family earrings in it. Will's going to make them into something else, for someone very special for a very special reason. That's all I'm free to say right now. :-)
This is Ted and Bob and Derek. They are haying under a bright blue sky just over the ridge from us. To supplement our little gardens here, we signed up for a half share of the CSA at Anchor Light Farm. To read about this lovely spot, click here. (If you read the "about us" section, you'll see that Derek interned for three years at Sunrise Farm. I tell you, sometimes life is full of twists and turns that come full circle. Here's how we are connected.)

So, dear readers...I share these little bits with you because it's been an especially rough news week. Interacting with good people, who do good work just seems to help. Gathering kindred spirits both near and far, reaching out to connect with folks we miss, sending bits of love out across the miles...

Affirming light and love.
Shining it into dark hearts.
Isn't that what we are called to do?

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  1. A good visit with you, Karen. thanks.
    (can't wait to see what's developing in Will's hands.)