Monday, June 12, 2017

to sit and breathe

-sweet wilma, waiting out the heat.
-the mountain ash, (or rowan tree), filled with blossoms.

our rainbow flag is flying proudly this month, and today i'm thinking about pulse in orlando. "he who shall not be named" continues in his downward spiral. there is much to distract us.

and yet, here on braintree hill, june has crept in with birdsong, breezes from the west and steamy afternoons...far from the rumbles of the clanging world.

even as wedding preparations continue, there are moments of respite. 

-a tall glass of water with a lemon slice floating amongst the ice cubes.
-a bowl of pickled radishes, a weck's jar of marinated golden beets, a bag of washed greens from our csa, and a jar of sliced carrots...all waiting in the fridge ready to add to relaxed meals.
-a "something blue" project, on the cutting mat in the cooler basement sewing studio.
- the refuge of meditation, and the availability of the present moment to bring calm and peace to a busy mind.

and happy 88th birthday to anne frank, wherever you are, dearest one.
Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.



  1. Moments of respite are so precious. We have just said goodbye to our much loved sisters from California after a wonderful, but busy, family visit. Angus and Rosie, our cats, are back to their routines and the house is quiet. Ahhh...
    And yes, happy birthday to that beautiful soul. Anne Frank. xo

  2. As always, a lovely posting.

  3. Lovely post. There are always moments of respite and joy even in the most busy and clanging of times. It's important to notice and savor them.