Thursday, February 22, 2018

lots of sewing, some dreaming about sowing

 maggie b needed a spot to store a toy and a book or two 
in her tiny brooklyn kitchen.
i popped this in the mail.

 today i was remembering the warm summer breezes in august 2016,
when i harvested my indigo and dyed some linen.
i stitched up these lavender sachets today, to gift to my friend terry.
i had my first professional massage with her a few weeks ago.

this wallhanging went out to tuscon, az.
it's a very belated wedding gift for two courageous
young educators.
their partnership is grounded in peace and justice work.

this past weekend batman and i ordered our veggie seeds from

in the midst of daily life, with its chores, routines, work and barrage of news
it's just a delight to have the sanctuary of my sewing studio and dreams of
the upcoming growing season. 

sew and sow.


how are you navigating the last bit of february, dear friends?


  1. Sow. I have a radio show on Thursday nights. This evening's guest will be discussing seeds. He just returned from The Oregon Seed Alliance seed weekend. You can listen on Tune-In Radio at CHLY-101.7FM, in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

    Will you be attending seed exchange gatherings in your area? Seedy Saturdays happen all over the country.

    1. Very cool!
      Is there some way I can listen to this now? A podcast perhaps?

  2. Just brought some seed trays in from the potting shed to tuck onion, leek, and kale seeds into this weekend.
    Putting the final border on a quilt top to pass along to our guild's quilter for donating to a child in need. Love Maggie B's pocket panel.
    Indigo linen pouches of lavender... lovely, thoughtful gift.

    1. Batman is thinking about onion and leek seeds, but it's a bit early to start them here.
      I love that so many guilds are making community quilts! Thanks for adding to the good karma, Sharon. xo