Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Sunday, December 13, 2009


a spanish proverb:
Have patience and the mulberry leaf will become silk.

well i sure as heck hope so.
we are hoping that our patience formula 
(hydrate, rest, eat clean foods)
works SOON and we can get on to the silk portion of the season!

one of the symptoms of this germ fog is what we call
fuzzy thinking
(read that, stay away from rotary cutters and moving needles!).
another is exhaustion and inertia.
so there has been very little accomplished around here.

but i did finally dig into this great new book
and make a list of things to sew when i get my zing back!

one-yard wonders is a gem, 
complete with patterns, templates and great photos.
and i love the coil binding, 
so it will stay open and flat on your work surface.
perfect for last minute homemade projects.
i recommend it to you!


  1. Karen,
    hope you are both feeling better soon.

  2. So sorry to read you've not been feeling well...hope your strength returns soon and you and Gretta are on the mend!
    Get well soon!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation, Karen!
    You certainly have been hit hard. Hope both you and Gretta are feeling a bit better tomorrow.
    Thinking of you...

  4. Ah, the bittersweet "pleasure" of enforced rest. Glad you're finding some silver lining (and coil binding!).

  5. So sad that you're still feeling laid low...but glad you've found a book to make you smile! Sometimes wonderful creativity follows those enforced peoriods of quietness - I wish that for you.

  6. :)
    I hope you feel better soon Karen.