Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

here and now

spindle legs and dappled back,
a tiny fawn has found shelter
in the balsam orchard,
along with the mama.

nearly a dozen cedar waxwings twitter
in the pine outside the kitchen window, 
gorging on the pine nuts.

local strawberries and asparagus 
sit on the kitchen counter,
along with a jar of sun tea.

phoebes, robins,
crows and blue jays
chatter the sun to the horizon
as the light slips from gold to orange
and tips the grasses in the meadow.

fireflies dance.

the familiar train whistle
moves along the valley below,
and floats in through the open window
(inviting a blanket on the bed at night).

enchanted june. 


  1. Today one of my campers came in with a dead cedar waxwing she had found on her road. It was really cool to look at and have kids interested in instead of saying "ewwww!". Her mom works here... figures!

  2. that indeed sounds enchanting... enjoy!
    and what is sun tea please?

  3. My thoughts turn to you often, Karen, as you move through your days anticipating the next chapter. Good that you can breathe in the calming graces of your bit of earth while allowing the process of detaching from your CT home to unfold as they may. Faith, hope, and love will not fail. Perhaps knowing you are well supported will add to your heart's ease.

  4. ah sigh
    life can be so good

  5. Lovely, Karen. Hard to believe that enchanted June has slipped past already!