Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Saturday, June 15, 2013

waves of calm

these iris came with the place when we bought it.
a massive clump of beauty.
they usually bloom around the summer solstice,
and they are right on schedule despite the wet, wet weather.
devil's paintbrush,
red clover,
common speedwell,
bird's-eye speedwell,
yellow goat's-beard and
english plantain
dot the overgrown lawn.

the breezes that cross the valley
drift in waves over the lawn.
it can be mesmerizing.

a landscape architect could not do
what mother nature has done.
not even close.
it's easy to be swallowed up by the peace around here.

maybe you can find a moment's peace here, too?


  1. I can almost feel the breezes and imagine the flowers. what a lovely gift...a virtual visit to Vermont...thank you, dear friend. love, tqoe

  2. Beautiful post. Yes I could do with some peace.....and quiet!

  3. Glad you are being swallowed up by the peace and enjoying nature's beauty.

  4. Sending healing energy on a breeze your way.
    Soon, soon now, Karen.

  5. Henry knows exactly where to find his peace, hope you will find yours also......I was a bit absent these days, the livingroom has been painted not by me, but I was camping in the kitchen .....Now it's done and I need to find some rest and peace also.....