Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a collection of days

With house guests due to arrive for the weekend, I splurged at the co-op.
Their scent still lingers, even as the blooms begin to fade.
Lilies from the von Trapp Greenhouses.
Yes, those von Trapps.
Corn at the crest of the ridge,
with Green Mountains in the distance.
Soon it will be harvested and tucked into storage
for winter feed.
An "honest cord" of wood, mauled by my brother Doug, 
and "bucket brigaded" into the woodshed
by Ra, Carolyn, Lindsey, Batman and I, in just a few hours.
Many hands did indeed make light work.
Reward for said firewood stacking?
A field trip to see the teens at Fat Toad Farm.
Late summer evening on the Northfield Green,
listening to the Starline Rhythm Boys.
Toddlers drunk with the freedom to roam, kids in sparkly face paint, 
teens almost too cool, farmers in suspenders, 
and spry elders danced the night away under the stars.
Blueberry scones and sauce, tomatoes, potatoes, beets and onions
came up from the kitchens and gardens of Massachusetts,
and a cooler full of Vermont crabapples went back down.
There may be jelly...

Is there anything better than a weekend filled
with friends and family, great food and love and laughter
shared around the table?
Last evening, as I got used to the quiet again,
I watched this amazing rain come from the west.

And when we find ourselves
In the place just right,
We will be in the valley
Of Love and Delight.
-Shaker Hymn


  1. All I can say is "Ahhhh...", Karen. It all looks so wonderful!
    Have a great weekend!!xo

  2. What a beautiful way of living, I do envy you every time I read one of your posts. May be the Gardner and the farmer within my soul wakes up after reading them and all I do is sigh. And thank you for sharing those lovely lines.

  3. A lovely and inspiring post, Karen. Sounds like a wonderful time.

    And I'm glad you enjoyed A Life in Stitches. :)

  4. wow
    what a tale
    and a true one
    Loved the shaker hymn
    you are blessed
    but of are a blessing

  5. What a lovely post Karen.