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Monday, September 2, 2013

Bread and Puppet...Total This and That Circus

Our Bit of Earth was filled with favorite friends and family this weekend. On Saturday, we drove up and over the Rochester Gap for a Labor Day weekend performance of Bread and Puppet in the amphitheatre of The Big Town Gallery. Here are a few photos from the performance. (To see previous years, look here, here and here.) 
These fabulous ladies strode in on long-legged zebras.
 They dismounted and enjoyed a "tea party"
(do you see the little tea table?).
Then the NSA (National Spy Academy) was eavesdropping on an abuela,
who was talking on the phone about a recipe for biscocho. 
(So glad to see our tax dollars at work, right?)
These magical reindeer drifted across the stage, quietly and slowly. The crowd hushed.
And then the tar sands oil of the Montreal-Portland pipeline came and dragged them away. 
Amazing rhinos took to the stage. Mobs of frogs celebrated the recent announcement of the planned decommissioning and closure of the VT Yankee nuclear power plant. 
Burlap turkeys turned out to be the truly "intelligent intelligentsia". 
A baby cow was born, the giant gorilla and a herd of horses made appearances.
Following the Bread and Puppet tradition of telling the truth, the numbers speak for themselves.
The government is working on bringing F-35 fighter jets to Burlington, and not everyone is happy about it.
And so, the daffodil army mounted a counter response. The daffodil army won. Just sayin'.

And then the crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to Bread and Puppet,
as this wonderful group celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Hooray for Bread and Puppet!


  1. Love your new heading pic!

  2. what an amazing group! I'll have to make sure not to miss them next time.

  3. Fantastic, love them! Happy Birthday B&P!