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Thursday, January 2, 2014

from bean bags to a full size quilt...2014 projects

Last week, these words hopped off the screen 
and burrowed into my psyche.

Stop drifting. Start rowing.
-Roz Savage

So, 2014, I'm putting my oar in the pond...'s a list of 12 sewing projects I'd like to accomplish
 in your wide open 12 months.

Some of these projects are the children of procrastination,
some are filled with aspiration,
some are soooo easy, some have more substance.
  • A queen size quilt, using these gentle grays and some soft companions...perhaps sent out to be quilted by someone with more skill and patience than I have.
  • Some small bean bags to go with a cat sized corn hole game we made for Hannah and her cat Javier several years ago. (BINGO, that's one of the very pathetic procrastination projects).
  • Reopen my Etsy shop, (and add some serious de-stashing fabrics along with handmade crafty things).
  •  Remember this sweater I started a few years ago? True confessions...I made a mistake, tried to overlook is as the wabi in the project and kept on knitting. Then I put it down and avoided it like the plague. This year I am going to pull it out to the mistake and get started again. 
  • Make a blouse or two, with fun embellishments.
  • Make something wonderful with this Golly Bard fabric (below)..some of it was gifted to me, some I bought on sale.
  • Take a beloved, antique and aging woolen blanket and turn it into something that will bring comfort and beauty into our everyday lives.
  • Design, create a pattern and stitch up a small 3-D critter .
  • Paper piece this beauty I found via Red Pepper Quilts.
  • Adjust some very affordable curtains I found at IKEA to fit our bedroom windows.
  • Pull out the indigo dye kit I bought a while back and get a dye pot going.
  • Collaborate with my brother Doug on a silk screening/stitching project.
Feels that way to me.

I'm ready to start rowing!

How about you...
any projects you'd like to try in 2014? 


  1. Best wishes for the new year and for accomplishing the wonderful goals you set for yourself.
    I'll be hosting / teaching a one-day quilt class, making a Jelly Roll Quilt in the Double Hourglass pattern for the very first time in my quilting life :>)
    On January 16th. Looking forward to it very much!


  2. Wow, can't wait to see pictures of these!!

  3. That gollybard fabric is sensational. Enjoy your projects. My goal for 2014 is to sew what I want instead of what others need. Wish me luck, only two weddings on the "have to do" list.

  4. Like you, Karen, I'm making a list, and it includes many half-finished and long dreamed about projects! Just need to shed fears and inhibitions and jump in!! Good luck with yours!