Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Thursday, March 13, 2014

come on over

multi-grain muffins made with last summer's blueberries.
snowshoe tracks.
the balsam orchard.
light, fluffy, beautiful snow...
...blowing into gentle contoured drifts.
there might be 2 feet of snow out there.
windswept still life.
winter sun.

it's about 9 degrees and very windy,
so i did not stay outside too long.

spring will come, it always does.

in the meantime i am appreciating the 
fire in the wood stove, mugs of tea
and some daydreaming.

vermont public radio and henry keep me company.
dear readers, if you are sick of winter,
i wish you could come by and see the
vermont version.

it's special and might change your mind.

In VT.


  1. tea with you surely would be nice....but more snow...I don't think so......we have ice/snow covered branches right now and it's about 20 outside

  2. Dear karen,

    This is a beautiful photo journal of your last days of winter. The winter sun is indeed a beautiful sight. I can assure you, spring is here. While I am in the Bay Area of California, I am seeing signs of spring everyplace.

    I should also include a wonderful thank you for the beautiful hand-written letter that arrived here in Sausalito, where I am visiting until April. I've been completely overwhelmed with things to do and places to go, that I rarely have a quiet moment to read my favorite bloggers.


  3. So beautiful...I love the winter landscape and you are in such an inspiring spot. Enjoy the serenity and beauty!

  4. Your beautiful pictures and inspirational words already make my mind change, my friend.
    I love Winter, but long for Spring. Living in-between at the moment here in The Netherlands.



  5. It does look beautiful and I would love to sit by the wood stove drinking tea and eating muffins with you!