Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

happy 23rd birthday gretta!

A few of you have followed my blog since I first started keeping track of my days here. You "knew" Gretta when she was still in high school, and was just looking at colleges. Some of you kept tabs on her as she set off for the Midwest and then when she was in Australia for a semester. You read about how she supported us as we went through Batman's surgery (just a year ago this week!). You saw pictures of her as she helped us prep our CT house for the market, and you saw her gradute from Knox in June 2013. You read about her nine month residency at Shelburne Farms. You really haven't much about her since then.

Well, friends, here is a picture of her in early December 2013, with a key to her apartment in Brooklyn, NY! She and her beau, Ben (fondly called "Nature Ben" by those who know him best) are carving out a bit of hipster life in the midst of one of the biggest cities in the world. She has patched together a bunch of jobs to pay the bills and has her eye on bigger and better things. One foot is in the door at a well known botanic garden, where she's working part time with school kids.

Her great-great Aunt Margretta's china is in her kitchen cupboards, her green/sustainability library is nestled in the bookcases and her guitar and ukelele are stowed in the corner of the living room. We've been to visit once, and hiked around their fun neighborhood. We'll head back on Sunday with the traditional Reed chocolate birthday cake and gifties in hand. 

This girl of ours...she lights up every life she wanders into. It's such a joy to see her out in the world, making it a better place for so many folks. 

Happy Birthday Gretsky!


  1. oh my......Brooklyn......and a red door....auspicious.....I am so happy for her and her Ben...I hope he's gentle too! ") I know you had a few quiet quiet moments that mother's have......starting at the first gaze into her little face.......your love and pride are always upmost....
    She's a lovely woman......Botanic wow
    happy birthday bit of cheer arrived lifted my spirits kind are you and thoughtful...
    guess the apple didn't fall far the tree

  2. happy birthday, gretta, from a super fan! you are not a light, but a beacon of joy.
    xo tqoe and blake james who is one today (the 5th). he couldn't share a bday with anyone better

  3. I still remember the dousing sticks finding your belly with Gretta inside before you had told anyone! Her presence has been making people smile since before she was born! Enjoy your time together.

  4. Happy Birthday to Gretta! xxx

  5. Beautiful post, Karen. HB to your lovely daughter!
    Kate lived in Brooklyn for a while and loved itQ

  6. I'm just getting caught up here, and look what I missed! Gretta - happy, happy birthday!! Keep making your mark in this world you beautiful girl.
    xo to you Karen. Gosh, I remember when she was born. Oh, those wonderful days way back then. Still wonderful now. You and Batman must be so proud.

  7. What a beautiful, joy-filled post! Happy, happy, happy birthday to Gretta! Hope you had a wonderful time together!