Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

a sew and sow check in much of our little house here in Vermont is higelty pigelty right now, waiting for the big rehab in the spring. I have lived for 6 months without a designated sewing space and I have felt adrift. This past weekend Batman and I spent a few hours moving things around and I nearly have a sweet studio once again. An explosion of creative projects is about to happen. Pictures to follow later next week.

SOWING...still in the ground--chard, leeks, a few herbs. Newly planted--next year's garlic, snug under a bed of straw and a sugar maple sapling (thanks to our thoughtful friend Gary). Recently harvested--our very first onions. On the stove in the kitchen? Potato leek soup, make with leeks plucked from the garden 15 minutes ago.

I will be traveling to the Midwest for board meetings in the next few days...such good work to do with such good people. Batman and Henry will keep an eye on things here at our "bit of earth".

The autumn just keeps on glowing, even in the midst of a few gray and gloomy days. But winter is not far off in these parts. There were flurries in the air on Saturday and...
...the road crew installed these snow plow markers on our road last week. (Please notice the very high tech nature of the markers, Vermont style.)
The corn fields down the road were harvested yesterday, the cobs will be stored for winter feed for the cows in the neighborhood.

Listen here for one of my favorite autumn tunes (and please ignore the obnoxious ad that precedes it). Do you have a favorite autumn tune?


  1. so lovely! I've got to get to VT in the autumn.... enjoy your sewing space!

  2. It looks so beautiful there! I'm glad you're getting your sewing space back. I'm looking forward to being settled again soon.

  3. So very lovely, Karen. I look forward to seeing your sewing creations!

    Oh, and I have newly dug potatoes and leeks and I think I might need to make some soup!