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Thursday, October 2, 2014

making a rose hip wreath

It's important to catch the ripening rose hips before the birds do!
I use protective gloves, because the branches are covered with
very sharp prickers.
We have many, many wild rose bushes,
so I do not worry about harvesting too many rose hips...

There is a stack of wreath frames out in Batman's workshop,
and I found wire and wire cutters out there, too.
I anchored some rose hip bunches securely at the top,
and then wound a few bunches at a time down one side of the wreath,
securing the last very tightly.
Starting at the top on the other side, 
I did the same on the right side of the 
wreath frame. I trimmed the branches at the bottom a bit,
and added some foliage where the two sides meet.

The foliage here in Vermont is peaking,
amidst overcast skies. 
We have been totally fogged in most
of these days up here on the ridge
and this project was a nice affirmation of
the muted fall beauty.

Sunshine promised for tomorrow.
It will be dazzling up here.


  1. Lucky you to have so many wild roses. I have just 2 and this year there are very few hips for me. Does that mean I took too many last autumn? Hope not.
    Your wreath is beautiful and should last a long time, if Henry doesn't decide the hips are perfect toys. Little Mya believes I made last year's wreath just for her. Guess I shouldn't have used it on my dining room table instead of mounting it on a wall.
    Hope your day today IS dazzling. We have high winds, dropping temperatures and a chance of (gulp) flurries tonight.

  2. How i love those wild roses. We have a really Indian summer at the moment. We are outside the whole day. It is even to warm to work in the garden.

  3. Wild roses--what wonderful, dense hips! I just have . . .I don't know what kind of roses--typical garden ones, not many hips, so I leave them for the birds. Beautiful wreath!!

  4. Sounds beautiful, as always, Karen, and I love your wreath!