Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Sunday, December 28, 2014

another version of miss maggie bunny

My Mumsie has a little gathering of sweet rabbits sitting on the back of her couch in her living room. They are special rabbits, gifts from folks over the years. 

Remember Miss Maggie? I decided to make a version of her for my Mumsie for Christmas. I tweaked her ears and stitched her in a woodland grey flannel. Her dress is made of turquoise cotton, my Mumsie's favorite color. I could not resist adding a wee apron, sewn in one of my all time favorite prints from my fabric stash. 

The house is quiet, I need to do some grocery shopping, laundry and sweeping. The wind outside is howling, the Home Comfort is taking the chill off the morning. Sometimes the rest after a busy time is nearly as nice as the preparation and fun of the holidays. I think I will just be right here today. In the space between what was and what comes next. 

What are you up to today, friends?


  1. The space between what was and what comes next… I'll think of this many times in the hours to the new year.
    Lucky Mumsie to have a daughter who makes her things both understand are more than the things themselves. I have a good understanding of this, as you may imagine.
    And as my friend Karen often writes xoxo