Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Friday, December 19, 2014


Our Gretta, who lives in Brooklyn these days, scampered off to 
Lotta Jansdotter's Open Studio in early November.

I admit, I was wistful and maybe a little bit envious when she told me
all about her visit to Lotta's Brooklyn space.

Maybe I even expressed some longing about possible holiday gifts.

A few days later this delightful bundle of goodies arrived in our
mailbox at the end of our rural driveway.
An early Christmas gift from Gretta.

There was an enclosed note that was just a wee bit bossy.
Something about "strings attached" and "a deadline" and "That's
right missy,  you've got homework"!

Well, I just got a bit spontaneous and a little silly.
Since we are fast approaching the festive season I decided 
to go with a snowy theme and included our animals of choice. 
I found the shadow box on sale, the snowflake buttons and
moon charm are from my stash, and I know where to find little goats
around here. I machine quilted very simple snow drifts
on the Lotta fabric and maybe now I am off the hook with Gretta, eh?


  1. Oh, I like this! Super cute and so creative; well done, Karen!


  2. Love it!! The goats... sweet, sweet, sweet.