Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Sunday, February 22, 2015

imagining warmer days

If you look through the window and through the house,
you might spy some of the faithful paper whites
that have been standing bravely on the other windowsill
these past few weeks.
We have plenty of snow here in Vermont,
but the story this year seems to be the near record cold 
temperatures we've been dealing with.
It's a balmy 26 degrees today, with brilliant sunshine
and so I stepped out with my camera.
And walked down the road a bit.
Shadows, snow, clouds, pines and indigo skies.

February still looks fierce, but the days are getting longer,
the seed packets for summer gardens are in the house
and Gretta and I have been looking at patterns for her dress...
It's kind of hard to imagine a wedding tent here, eh?
But that's what Mother Nature does best here in Vermont...
the seasons.


  1. Your photos are absolutely fabulous. What a wonderful world you live in.
    Stay warm and safe and enjoy!


  2. Wow, all that snow, i am so glad we did not have a lot this year. My snowdrops are in full bloom and the hellebore flowers are opening every day. The sun is warmer and i feel that spring is in the air...... Stay warm.

  3. Beautiful! I love all that pure white.
    I would trade you some of that cold this week.

  4. I know it must be hard to live with but it does look so pretty! xxx

  5. Those peekaboo paperwhites and a heart in the clouds!!

    It's been cold here, too. And winter seems to be much longer this year. But spring is on its way. Seed packets and a wedding dress... perfect things to be thinking about when you're snug inside.