Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Sunday, March 1, 2015

crawling out of the den

Well, hello friends! We are just dragging ourselves out of the deepest hibernation den of perhaps the coldest February on record here in Vermont. And even tho the calendar says March 1st, it has just started snowing again.

Batman remains the eternal optimist and claims that meteorological spring begins on  March first, and so we are determined to embrace that fact.

Hyacinths are filling the house with an intoxicating scent, and I whipped up a batch of Lemon Zephyr Pancakes from the premiere issue of SIFT, a fabulous publication from King Arthur Flour.  I had a case of cabin fever the other day, so I drove 45 minutes south to King Arthur headquarters in Norwich, VT. It is a very dangerous place. In a very good way. I came home with the magazine, some wonderful flour and a fresh batch of sourdough starter. 

We've been watching lots of movies, and have become a bit addicted to some locally grown popcorn. On Friday, we went out into the world to see The Theory of Everything, both the story and the acting were amazing. Last night, we watched the true story of PRIDE, via Netflix DVD. (SEE IT!)

This week will be filled with some special firsts and a special sewing project. Come back soon to check things out.


  1. I'm right in there with Peter - I've been chanting 1st day of spring (just like Tom Skilling taught me) all day - even when it was snowing. We had the coldest Feb since 1875, but not ever - so you get bragging rights. Happy baking!

  2. Hyacinths -- what an excellent idea! I may have to use the same to brighten our counter tops, too. Glad you're safe and warm during this bitter cold winter. I keep trying to remind myself how this snow is good for our water supply, keeps the plants from blooming too early, and still hasn't discouraged the birds from singing in the mornings...

  3. How refreshing and optimistic your post is, Karen!! Those hyacinths are lovely and the idea of you and Peter snuggling into your Vermont life (albeit freezing) makes me smile! Happy March!!