Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Friday, May 29, 2015

umbrella prints trimmings challenge 2015

  • I bought the packet of trimmings at nido in Burlington in the winter.
  • Here's a pic of all the random little trimming pieces.
  • This is the laurel wreath I stitched with the trimmings. I added only a few scraps of solids from my fabric stash. I used lightweight fusible fabric to applique the leaves and topstitched with rayon thread. I cut out all the little leafy pieces and then played with their placement until I settled on this casual wreath motif. Used a linen/cotton blend for the background. Patched together odd pieces of batting for the middle. Kitchen string for the hanging loops. I used the frayed selvedge as an edge at the bottom, I do so love the gentleness of a linen selvedge. 
  • Closer view.
  • A bit more detail.
  • Up close, you can see the topstitching. Also a bit of echo quilting around the wreath.
For details about the challenge, look here.

This piece has so many aspects of my life stitched into it. The "making do" as we wait for our house reno project to begin. My maturing rejection of (the energy block of) perfectionism. My bittersweet feelings as I get ready to attend my very last board of trustees meeting after serving for nine years (the laurel wreath is a bit of an homage to the blessings of liberal arts education...). 

Are you ever surprised by emotions that bubble up when you're working on a creative project?


  1. love that phrase: energy block of perfectionism. I'll keep that in mind.
    What a perfectly marvelous result with the fabric challenge. It truly looks like a sewandsow to me.
    Coming to the end of a road is often a bittersweet experience. I know you've had much to offer but your life has opened new paths, yes?? Congratulations on both jobs well done.

  2. It's beautiful Karen. I like the tones of the fabric.

  3. You have created something beautiful, right down to the little centre flower.

  4. This is so beautiful, Karen. And yes, I have experienced that driving into emotion and memories as I've worked on various projects. You do everything so well, Karen, and with great integrity.

  5. Absolutely STUNNING! I love it so much. Beautiful work!