Wednesday, June 24, 2015

june musings

The internet and snail mail collided earlier this spring. My friend Sharon who keeps the blog SallyMomSprouts kindly sent me a packet of spinach seeds she had saved from her gardens in Wisconsin. We planted them here in Vermont. Last week we enjoyed a delicious spinach salad, and I marveled at the connections we create with one another these days. I've never met Sharon in person, (in fact, I "met" her via real life friend Judy) but there we were, eating a fresh salad due to Sharon's thoughtfulness.  I follow her daughter Anne's blog as well. You can find Anne's lovely artwork and musings at My Giant Strawberry.

Instagram is another fun way to build a sense of community (with folks you may never meet!) Last night three consecutive photos in my feed were of the same gorgeous sunset here in Vermont, taken from three different vantage points all over the state. It was quite wonderful.

Real life here at a bit of earth is certainly full these days, with plenty of wedding prep going on. Last night we looked for the Northern Lights, but did not see them. Instead, the brilliant Milky Way arched over the sky as lightning bugs danced in the meadows. Wrapped in a quilt against the midnight breeze, I was again filled with gratitude for this dream-come-true, this magic, this life of ours. 

Sending you midsummer light and love, dear friends.


  1. Nice!
    There will always be "Karen fibers" woven into my self-tapestry bringing colors and textures precious by their very generosity of spirit. Thank you.
    Life is indeed good.

  2. So beautiful, so happy for you...