Friday, September 25, 2015

it's all coming together, this dream of ours

Last night I climbed the ladder and took a peek into the second story. This is a shot taken through one of the guest room windows, looking to the northwest, up the valley. As I write, the windows are being unloaded in the driveway. I can barely contain my excitement. (eeeeeek!)

There's another update over on our reno blog.
We are working with a local cabinetmaker (his quote was more affordable than the stock cabinets offered by the local lumberyard our contractor works with). Glen is from Scotland and learned his trade through the apprenticeship program. His workshop looks like a museum. He has helped us source local wood for the cupboards. We've chosen red BIRCH for the cupboards and I had my eye on soapstone for the counters. After budget crunching, research on different options and lots of compromise, we decided to go with a manufactured solid surface. We both fell in love with this grey/black/speckled sample and when we turned it over to find the name we gasped. It's called "meteor shower".  SOLD! 
One of our young pear trees had a lovely bunch of fruit this year. One day I went out to check on the pears and they were gone. Every one. I think it may have been the black bear who swiped them. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, last night Batman picked these Liberties and Honeycrisps. 

Life has been so, so busy these days that I only took a few minutes to notice that we are now in the midst of my favorite season. This bowl of apples is a reminder to me to stop and soak in the delights of autumn. It's been so dry here in Vermont for the last month or so that many leaves are drying up before they turn bright with color. It may be a disappointing foliage season here this year...but the slanting and rich sunlight, the rustle of leaves underfoot and the annual turning inward will happen anyway. 

Here is a terrific listen if you have a spare two and a half minutes. I heard it on the radio yesterday while I was puttering in my makeshift kitchen.  I thought of all of you, dear readers, when I heard it, and of how we all need respite from the world now and then. 

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  1. Oh how I would love to be a guest in your new guest bedroom! What exciting times! xxxx