Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, September 14, 2015

life's fullness

  • beets...steamed, marinated and ready for salads.
  • beets...both golden and red, and carrots, set into builder's buckets, filled with play sand and put away in the root cellar for later on.
  • leeks, onions and squash, still waiting in the garden, for harvest soon.
  • a series of amazing sunsets, one of the few perks of a hot and humid week.
  • just a bit more demo (the pros arrived this morning, it's getting serious around here...there is panelling flying out of windows upstairs!!!)
  • cherry tomatoes, slowly roasted with fresh herbs and put away in the freezer.
  • keeping an eye out for the handsome black bear that I saw loping across the road not far from our house.
  • an evening with the capitol steps.
  • breakfast at king arthur flour and then some time at the norwich farmer's market and on to concord, nh to shop for faucets and sinks and such.
  • another fun mqg gathering at nido in burlington.
  • a friend just had a baby girl last week, i'm stitching a wee jacket for her. the little one is lucky to have two big brothers at home. 
  • a fine shift in temperature, which makes everything even better! it's finally feeling like FALL.
how about you, what have you been up to these days? stitching? gardening? dreaming? reading? working?   painting?


  1. reading for book group, reading for me, skyping with cate and blake james, preparing for the next RHA meeting, going to PT. life is full and happy and thank heavens, fall is in the air. dreaming of winter and all its holidays. tqoe

  2. Painting. Yep, lots of painting. A bit of gardening. Soaking up the last warm sunshine. Eating and preserving the harvest. Such goodness lately.