Saturday, October 17, 2015

"flurries in the higher elevations"

These photos were taken in the span of fifteen minutes, while the sunshine and snow squalls flirted with one another. The last of the wedding wildflowers and the foliage are taking turns knocking my socks off. 

There has been much hard work this week...more and more soul satisfying sweat equity, sore muscles and deep sleep.

The foliage season was dry and slow to start, but after some rain it exploded with color. I needed to take some time today to walk with my camera. To see the melancholy magic of the season. There is no richer time of year for me, deep with sentiment, memories and a turning inward.

I love Vermont. She and I are made for each other.


  1. The orange and red hues across the valley is just incredible. So very beautiful!! Enjoy!!

  2. There is no treasure more precious than being where you know you ought to be. My heart is full with its happiness for you, Karen.

  3. Stunning views and photos. I love Vermont too!