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Monday, October 12, 2015

pressing cider and painting planks, lots of planks

We are in the midst of a very productive three day weekend. We're continuing site cleanup, yard work and painting countless 12 foot planks of siding. On Saturday, we headed to our neighbors down the road for a late afternoon work break. Laura and Nora are the proud owners of a brand new barn where they will shelter...GOATS! It is a absolutely beautiful post and beam building.
They built the sweet hay bale house themselves, which you can see over Batman's shoulder in this picture. Laura and Nora host an annual neighborhood cider pressing party and this was the first year we managed to join them. Folks from all over the neighborhood bring apples from their trees and take turns at the press. The little motor was added to a vintage chopper and the pressing is done with the hand crank.
Here you can see Batman rocking the chopper...without chopping his fingers! Fabulous potluck food and lots of friendly chatting finished out the afternoon. 
And this is the gorgeous, fresh pressed cider we came home with. Someone had made fun labels, "Rural Revolution Farm", for all the jugs, jars and bottles that left the homestead.

If you haven't seen the latest house reno blogpost, pop on over to see what color we chose for the exterior! Speaking of which, I'm off to paint the next batch of planks. Meanwhile, the spray foam insulation guys finally arrived.

The leaves are turning with enthusiasm up here in rural Vermont, though not yet peak. What's been going on at your place? 


  1. Nothing more delicious than home pressed apple juice .......

  2. Processing the last of our own apples. Impressive ridge top winds bringing down the last of the highest ones today.Not many of our neighbors have mature apple trees so we've invited several eager apple eaters here to try their hands at using the long handled picker.
    Colors changing in front of our eyes daily, each summer green finally revealing its true hue beneath. Keeping the camera busy.

  3. Mmmm... I've been using our little juicer to make apple juice with farm apples. So good.

    I bet that barn smelled wonderful. And goats!! How perfect.

  4. Happy plank painting! I really fancy some freshly juiced apple now after reading this post!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! You are living a postcard perfect life with soul!