Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Monday, November 16, 2015

thinking of you...

Veteran's Day and Paris. 
Do you feel the fatigue too?

Last week, in response to one of my posts, my friend Nan sent me the loveliest e-mail with this link...her dad was featured in an interview in honor of Veteran's Day on wnpr in CT. I brewed a cup of tea and settled down with my knitting and listened to his story. It is about half an hour long and has the loveliest of twists. You may need a tissue. To be sure, the story will make your heart swell with love and hope. I thank Nan for sharing this with me. I hope it brings you some comfort, too.

Another light-filled bit of internet loveliness can be found over here, at "resurrection fern", where Margie has been absent for a while.  (her instagram feed is gorgeous!)

Marie's post was also quite poignant.

And my own two cents...

It's that simple.
Spread it around as far as you can reach.
If that's all we can do, "well done", I say.


  1. Thanks for your wonderful 'two cents'.
    You are right.
    Thanks again.
    Sending love (and hope) from far...may it reach you!

  2. Thank you Karen. We still are mourning. My friends children who live in Paris are safe but some of them lost friends........

  3. I received that link from Nancy too, Karen - such a beautiful interview! And such poignant links. I too am exhausted from a very emotional week.

  4. Hi Karen, Thanks so much for including the link to my Dad's interview and the other links were so uplifting as are your words.