Thursday, January 21, 2016

my mumsie's handmade coloring pages

My Mumsie has been up to something these past few weeks. She has caught on to the adult coloring book frenzy and created a dozen pages with her own hand. She has sent copies out to some of us lucky recipients. Here you see her Honeybee, perched on a patchwork quilt. My Mumsie has left the patches blank, so that we can color in our own patchwork fabrics.
Some of you may remember that my Mumsie is fascinated with miniatures. She has crafted many tiny houses, filled with tiny things. You can see pictures of my favorite right here.  This coloring page shows the details of a wee Christmas house she made, filled with sweet mice. Here the Mama is tending her baby in half a walnut shell.
This is where things get very sentimental. She sketched this page from a photo of Stewart's bed and stuffed animals (Bun Bun and Snoopy). Stewart is now 34 years old. I actually still have the quilt I made for Stew's bed and I was able to find it (miraculously, as so many of our things are still in storage). 
That's "high school me", with Misty in my lap and Si by my side (I come from a long line of cat people). The drawing in the upper right is based on a poster my Mumsie created for a kindergarten classroom. The drawing in the lower right is of my Mumsie as a toddler, with her Daddy, holding toys that were handmade by her grandmother, Nameen.  

I think I will make copies of these before I pull out my colored pencils, so that fresh copies can be made for future use.

A lucky handful of us were so very pleased to find these sweet pages, shipped via snail mail, waiting for us in our mailboxes. My Mumsie has been making handmade things for as long as I can remember, and I am so grateful for her influence in my life.


  1. Precious. Handmade with love from the heart of your Mom. To treasure forever.
    Blessings and love,


  2. I went to the miniature post, how clever made, all the details, so beautiful. And so are the drawings. Crafting is in your blood that is clear!

  3. lucky daughter
    lucky mumsie
    treasures all around

  4. I too went back to the other post. What a wonderful talent to be able to draw like that.

  5. Your Mumsie is extremely talented but you know that! I especially love the picture of Honeybee! :-)

  6. Love your mother's drawings, Karen. I think she is so talented. I, too, have been the lucky recipient of some of her drawings to color!