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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

sleep sweet

There are so many sentiments wrapped up in this project. There is this gorgeous Pendleton blanket (from their American Indian College Fund Collection), tucked away for this special time of nesting in our new space...its purchase here in Vermont, inspired by my brother Nelson's thoughtfulness a few years ago in Manzanitas, OR.  There are long held dreams of a cozy guest room with a slanting ceiling. And there are memories of our dear, dear friend Carl, lost to Parkinson's disease years ago.

Carl and Franny adopted our young and growing family when we lived in Chicagoland, far from our own families of origin. We were swept up in their generous love and devotion early the point where our now grown kids still call Franny their "fairy godmother". Fran and Carl were often at our house for supper and bedtime. Our kids would come downstairs in their jammies before storytime to say goodnight to Fran and Carl. Carl had the sweetest benediction as they went back upstairs. He would simply say, "sleep sweet" in the kindest and most soothing voice you can imagine.

A few days ago, when Batman and I were walking through our new house, as we often do, just marveling at everything, I noticed the space above the bed in the guest room and thought it would be a perfect spot for a special little something. And just then, I kid you not, a wave of emotion swept over me...the lump-in-one's-throat variety. And on a quiet whisper of a recollection I heard Carl's voice say, "sleep sweet". 

So here it is. Handmade with so much love.

sleep sweet.


  1. So so precious!
    Sweet memories make you really sleep sweet.
    No dream...

  2. Oh Karen, how emotional! I wish sweet sleep and a healthy new year

  3. Oh that is the perfect spot and sentiment full of love and sweet memories in your new home.
    Such a lovely guest room. Enjoy your beautiful home.

  4. This is the stuff that lives are made of.

  5. Such a wonderful post, Karen. I had tears in my eyes reading about your sweet friend. What a lovely tribute and reminder that banner is!

  6. That's really very sweet memory. I hope this one decoration will fill your dreams with happy memories and sweet dreams.

  7. Ohhh....I am filled with goosebumps. Sleep Sweet!

  8. Oh how very perfect. Such a beautiful story.