Wednesday, July 6, 2016

holiness in the mundane

A leggy ivy houseplant? Three clipped branches from the mountain ash tree (also known as the magical rowan tree) just outside the front door and a bit of kitchen string solved that! Instant climbing tripod. 
Yard work jeans with ripped knees? A bit of denim, some thread and some restful stitching mended that! 

Sometimes one can get a peek at holiness in the most simple of things. A green bit of growth. The texture of a worn and frayed garment. The steam rising from a loaf of freshly baked bread.  Dew on a spider web at dawn. 

Just look.

It is everywhere.

And isn't that a comfort?


  1. Yes, Karen, it (just) is everywhere and one doesn't need to go (or look) far for it.
    A real comfort, and a blessing.
    Sending love and hugs from my 'comfortzone' to yours,


  2. You are an inspiration to open our eyes to the simple beauties that surround us daily. I look forward to your postings.

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  4. "when true simplicity is gained…"
    thank you for the reminder of the simple gifts, Karen. sending a hug from meadow ridge

  5. Yes, it is a comfort. My comfort comes from a granddaughter down the road who lives in the moment and knows nothing of the world outside of her home and family and family friends. Would that we could all live there.