Tuesday, November 8, 2016

dragging myself into the democratic process...

Missing Bernie so very much today. I will drag myself to the polls anyhow. I may even struggle with my moral compass. But I'll put pencil to ballot. And all of us will wait to see how this plays out. Whatever happens, tomorrow is another opportunity for each of us to spread light and love in our own little corner of the world. Courage, friends. xo

A few hours later...

Done! So glad to have some very enthusiastic choices down ballot. And now we WAIT. 

And B-R-E-A-T-H-E deeply. Over and over again...


  1. Sometimes I feel like I've spent most of my voting life voting for the 'least bad' candidate. My first choices so rarely make it to the final ballot. I haven't been able to listen to any post-primary speeches by Bernie (even though he was an hour away), or even listen to news about him. The other day I heard his name and broke into tears. I think 1972 was the only time I've ever been happy with my vote, except this year's primary. We Bernie people will muddle on through.

  2. When I arrived at our local polling place midmorning the doors there hadn't been able to close since they opened due to the steady line of folks waiting to cast their votes. However depleted we've become, however discouraged by the pre-election ugliness, it appears to have lighted a fire here....

  3. Good girl, Karen - I know how tough it was for me when I did early voting. Whatever the result, we will all do our best to move on and try to make a difference in this world. I feel strangely detached today for some reason… Still proud to be an American.