Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Sunday, November 27, 2016

time flies...

The kitchen has finally quieted down.
 The first cuts of the season were made.
Two wee trees headed south...
one with Hannah and one with Lindsey and her Scott.
I love to think of their apartments filled 
with the scent of balsams from our
bit of earth.
 See that trail headed over the brink?
The beginnings of a snow person rolled down that hill...
 This is the transition time from harvest bounty 
to the darkest days of December.
The paper white narcissus parade has begun!
Pots are nestled under the bed in the chilly room of requirement,
ready to be brought out, bit by bit, through the winter.
 This very special quilt came up from NYC for some careful mending.
 Stitched by many hands with love and intention, 
it was won in a raffle in 2012 and was in need of some TLC. 
Honored to have it under my needle, 
I repaired its seams, and its headed back home now, 
filled with even more love than when it arrived. 
Dearest readers, I hope you had a peace-filled 
Thanksgiving if you are here in the US. 

If you live elsewhere, know that this was an especially
introspective time of gratitude for many of us here,
still trying to get our feet back under ourselves.

I am grateful for your visits here at
sew and sow life.



  1. Looking for a peaceful spot on the internet, I knew I could come by here and find it. Happy Thanksgiving❤️

  2. The presser foot and the stitches are so elegant in this photo.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes simple is beautiful. xo

  3. Love that you mended that quilt, Karen. Something so satisfying about mending - I think I need to do some restorative mending as we slip into the dark days of December.

    1. Mending is very hip these days, Judy! xo