Monday, March 13, 2017

good bye honeybee

Thank you Honeybee,
for keeping my Mumsie company for all those years.

I'm not sure you fully embraced life here in Vermont,
but I do know you loved watching the chipmunks
and birds from all the sunny windowsills
here at our "bit of earth".

I'm glad you found some warmth, comfort and sanctuary 
in the basket tucked behind the Home Comfort cookstove
these last few weeks.

May you rest in peace dear Honeybee.


  1. My sympathies, Karen. Cats bring to our lives so much more than we give them. Rest in peace indeed Sweet Honeybee. How is Wilma?

    1. Thank you Sharon. xo
      Wilma was so attentive to Honeybee yesterday, and hunted around for her when I came home from the vet's alone. They know.

  2. I'm so very sorry. Such a nice name.

  3. Oh no, Karen!! I remember Honeybee so fondly, at your mom's house in Canton! I had just sent her some photos of Honeybee last week, taken a couple of years ago. I'll have to give your mom a call tomorrow. Very sad...

  4. so sorry, Karen. glad Honeybee's last days were so comfy in "your bit of earth".

  5. So sorry to learn of your loss. I'm sure Honeybee now spends her days sunbathing on the other side of the rainbow.

  6. Oh Karen! This makes me so sad. I am glad that she had her final days in the sanctuary of your home. x

  7. Thank you Simone. We are still missing her.