Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


someone is arriving this evening for a visit.
i brought a bit of the meadow to her bedside.

The summer seems to be evaporating. 
In a good, life is filled-to-the-brim kind of way.
So many exciting changes in our family...two moves and a grandbaby on the way, too.
A grandbaby.
Our first.


It moves along even when you wish you could capture it and slow it down.

So I am noticing.

Little things.
Like the slant of the light at all different times of the day.
The stars in the pitch dark sky of the night.
The warmth of a smile.
The coyotes' call and response in the dark.
The freshest of vegetables, prepared as simply as possible.
The hum of the ceiling fan, and sleeping under just a cotton sheet.
The tang of icy cold lemonade.

It's a practice, this noticing.
A spiritual practice.
Being fully present.

As the summer slips into the dog days, what are you noticing friends?


  1. the moon and venus rising into the mists of a new day.
    lovely glimpse into your guest's sleeping chamber. enjoy her visit.

    1. yes! the moon and venus...such a pair!

  2. Lovely.

    We can never slow it down, but noticing helps.

    Layers of birdsong from out my studio window.
    The scent of the first oriental lily to open.
    The taste of snap peas eaten barefoot in the garden.
    Dramatic cloud shapes and colors on an evening walk.
    The delicious smell of cat fur.


    1. Oh, my heart melted when i read "the delicious scent of cat fur".

  3. SO happy about the coming grandchild. The best! Can't wait for your posts about him or her.