Friday, December 22, 2017

triptych 42

sunrise on the solstice
solstice supper table set for friends.
solstice sunset.

i've been revisiting 
Winter Morning Walks
one hundred postcards to Jim Harrison
written by Ted Kooser.

"december 21" is exquisite.

sending you Light and calm today, friends.
they are both available anytime you need them...
in a deep cleansing breath.



  1. Here in Michigan, the sun is a rare sight, but I patiently wait for the return of the light. Winter Morning Walks sits on my shelve and an excellent read. Your table setting is inviting.

    1. Kooser is a gem of a poet. Wish you could join us at the table, friend.

  2. I have enjoyed every one of these sets of photos, Karen. I hope to do something similar in 2018. sending hugs and love to your bit of earth.

    1. Thank you Sharon! Looking forward to 2018 and all the renewed energy I hope we'll feel. 2017 was one for the books, eh?

  3. I didn't know that Ted Kooser book until now...have just read excerpts on line, and am thoroughly enchanted...i'll have to order a copy for myself! I hope you had a blessed Solstice dinner with friends, the table setting looks very inviting.