Thursday, March 8, 2018

tula thursday::week 9

 (sorry for the delay. life got in the way of tuesday's usual posting).

from tula pink's City Sampler, block #79.
(using a precious birdie scrap from Ink and Spindle and some 
of the brushstroke print from Umbrella Prints).

inspired by birds out at the feeders, in a frenzy
due to an impressive march snowstorm, still raging outside.

p. s. i finally got my car back yesterday,
after 9 1/2 weeks at the spa.
this is what she looked like on new year's eve afternoon...
now she looks fabulous once again.
i really missed her.


  1. Life got in the way of your usual Tuesday's posting but not in the way of your creativity, Karen!
    This block is a beauty, perfect and brings spring into one's heart and home.
    So glad you've got your car back.
    Love and blessings,


  2. finally I can comment
    don't ask
    So happy you are a grandmother
    and that you got through the accident and that your car is back What a few months you've had
    thank you so much for the Christmas greeting touched my heart at the right time You have a gift for timing
    my granddaughter's name is Tuula,means wild (as in the
    So I always smile at your tula posts
    beautiful like her