Tuesday, March 20, 2018

tula tuesday::week 11 and an extra, just for fun.

happy first day of spring 
to all the folks who live in the northern hemisphere!
many of us are crafting our own version of spring,
because it certainly isn't happening outdoors.

here's block #53 from tula pink's City Sampler,
a push-me-pull-you combination of a springy Liberty of London floral
and some snowflakes,
and a daffodil yellow mini print.

we've had a bitter cold and snowy spell up here on the ridge.
the wind was roaring on saturday
and left some gorgeous patterns in the snow.

a few weekends ago when batman was pruning the apple trees
he cut a few stems from the lilac tree
and we plunked them in a vase filled with water.
they have sprouted tiny blossom buds.
i doubt they will bloom, but they sure are sweet
reminders that spring will come eventually.

i snapped this photo of wilma and could not resist 
stitching a tula block in her honor,
just for fun.
block # 79.


  1. LOVE that pic of Wilma!

    Must look up the Tula Pink sampler that you're following. I'm loving what you're doing.

  2. What a fun post. Every photo a joy. Being up on the ridge we know first hand the talent Mother Nature has for sculpture. Hope the first full day of spring proves the turning point away from her flakey spunk.