inhale...exhale...relax your shoulders...repeat as often as needed

Friday, June 28, 2019


Early on in our relationship, we dreamed of living a peaceful life in the Green Mountain State.

We squirreled away birthday checks and we picked change up off grubby pavement, we redeemed empty cans and bottles and dropped the coins in a jar labeled “The Vermont Land Fund”. We made intentional choices as we navigated raising a busy family, keeping our dream as the touchstone. We spent many vacations wandering the back roads of Vermont, and we looked at gazillion real estate listings.

On June 27, 2007 we found our Secret Garden inspired “bit of earth” and fell in love. We pulled into the driveway and we knew right way that we had finally found our spot. Later that evening we celebrated Peter’s birthday. Synchronicity.

We moved to Vermont full-time in 2014, and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't feel a flood of gratitude for this enchanted life.

Happy "bit of earth" day!

Happy birthday, Batman!


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

we have been away

Family time.
Sunsets. Lots of sunsets. 
On the western edge of the eastern time zone,
late sunsets, a solstice sunset.
Taking turns in the kitchen.
Fresh lake trout for supper.
Asparagus. Lots of asparagus.
Old family photos.
Dune climbing.
A weeklong news fast.

Northern Michigan.


Hello summer.

Friday, June 14, 2019

snail mail and kindred spirits

 when i was in detroit in april
i discovered an amazing artist at
i had a wonderful conversation with katie
and promised to send her a 
"little something" from vermont.

i felt like we were kindred spirits.

this rowan twig, birch bark, and home grown, 
hand dyed indigo went into the mail last week.

it was such fun to create a piece working off
of another artist's aesthetic.


Thursday, June 13, 2019

40 years and 4 days

 me and batman
june 9,1979
what an adventure it's been,
40 years.

When I'm all done cultivating
I'll be rocking on the porch
Trying to picture
You and where you are
And there'll be no hesitating
When Cupid lights the torch
With those headlights coming down the hill
Between the stars

In the field of opportunity 
It's plowin' time again.

-Neil Young

Thursday, June 6, 2019

hello again, friends

 Spring has been so long in coming to our neck of the woods. Finally the lilacs, crabapples and forget me nots have opened into flower. The hills are green, the spring peepers have chorused, the bluebirds and swallows are back. The gardens are planted, the hoop house is a delight and the pots on the deck are filled with blue and white flowers. There's even a wee fig tree nestled in the corner, a bit out of the wind. The cats doze on sunny windowsills, open to the breezes. This morning I made a batch of rhubarb rose infusion, some stewed rhubarb to spoon over plain yogurt with granola and I marinated the last of the beets from the root cellar. The kitchen counters were filled with messy, sticky pans and I welcomed the chance to do my morning meditation with my hands in warm, soapy water.
 The mornings have been chilly as I wander around the yard with my first mug of PG Tips. It's a ritual I had forgotten for a bit. Then I realized I had been winter-bound to the house for so very long. Now I warm my hands around the steaming mug and marvel at the quiet and the peace all around me. I do not take this enchanted life for granted.
 Earlier this week, eight indigo plants went into the raised beds. I talked to them as I planted them. "Hey, little sweeties, please grow strong! I will take good care of you for the next few months. Then we will do some alchemy, you and I. We will work together to create magic. We will soak the blue of the sky into cotton and linen. We will stitch love and hope and courage. Thank you for growing firm roots into this sacred ground."
 My Mumsie visited us here in Vermont last week and then I stayed with her for a bit at her house. When I stopped into gather here on my way back home to Vermont, I found this stunning quilt hanging on the wall. Crafted by staff, the note next to it brought tears to my eyes.
I surely do not need to tell you that these are wild times. Scary times. Some would even say, dark times. That's why we've just got to put our heads down and lean in and do what we can to get us through to the other side. 

Sending you courage, hope and comfort from our "bit of earth", friends.