inhale...exhale...relax your shoulders...repeat as often as needed

Sunday, March 30, 2014

dreams, manifesting

our fabulous real estate team
batman, st. joseph and ganesha

Well friends, it looks like our long held dream of moving to our beloved bit-of-earth in Vermont full-time is finally really happening. 

Life has been full of negotiation, an inspection, an appraisal, getting quotes, have minor work done, signing a contract and packing. Everything is looking good for a successful closing in a few weeks, and we are moving forward with our transition.

Our dirt road in Vermont is "posted" during Vermont's infamous mud season, limiting the size and weight of vehicular traffic. Rather than bring one big truck up the road, we are making the move in several smaller trucks. This weekend it was books, all the contents of my sewing studio, some furniture and other smaller items. We will do a few more trips with our two vehicles, then get some help with the bigger, heavier furniture at the end.

Pinch me someone. I can barely believe that after all these years of working-planning-hoping-dreaming that this is all really happening.

Dear readers, sometimes dreams really do come true. :-)  

Monday, March 24, 2014

sweet and sweetness

maple sugar on snow

Not sure too many words are required. This is where we spent Sunday morning, one of our favorite places in the Green Mountain state.  Sweet and sweetness, indeed.

In VT.

Monday, March 17, 2014

a teaser

a placeholder,
while there's a vortex of change over here.

it's as if we opened the door a crack
and pent up energy just blew it wide open.

standing in it's blast
is both thrilling and a wee bit terrifying.

is this not life at its very best? 

In CT.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

come on over

multi-grain muffins made with last summer's blueberries.
snowshoe tracks.
the balsam orchard.
light, fluffy, beautiful snow...
...blowing into gentle contoured drifts.
there might be 2 feet of snow out there.
windswept still life.
winter sun.

it's about 9 degrees and very windy,
so i did not stay outside too long.

spring will come, it always does.

in the meantime i am appreciating the 
fire in the wood stove, mugs of tea
and some daydreaming.

vermont public radio and henry keep me company.
dear readers, if you are sick of winter,
i wish you could come by and see the
vermont version.

it's special and might change your mind.

In VT.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

20 inches of snow?

What to do when one needs to catch one's breath and take a few new deep ones? Why, run away to Vermont for a few days! This is what was waiting for me...sparkling snow, dappled with critter tracks. 

Have you heard winter storm Vulcan's forecast for central Vermont? Twenty plus inches of spring snow...on top of what's already on the ground. This morning I awoke to the distinctive quiet that comes with falling snow and smiled. 

The wood box is filled, there are plenty of candles in the cupboard, there's soup on the stove and some hand sewing in a basket (a gift for a brand new grand-nephew named Liam)!

Check back tomorrow for pictures, unless you're sick of winter. :-)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Only with winter-patience can we bring 
the deep-desired, long awaited spring.
-Anne Morrow Lindburgh

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

happy 23rd birthday gretta!

A few of you have followed my blog since I first started keeping track of my days here. You "knew" Gretta when she was still in high school, and was just looking at colleges. Some of you kept tabs on her as she set off for the Midwest and then when she was in Australia for a semester. You read about how she supported us as we went through Batman's surgery (just a year ago this week!). You saw pictures of her as she helped us prep our CT house for the market, and you saw her gradute from Knox in June 2013. You read about her nine month residency at Shelburne Farms. You really haven't much about her since then.

Well, friends, here is a picture of her in early December 2013, with a key to her apartment in Brooklyn, NY! She and her beau, Ben (fondly called "Nature Ben" by those who know him best) are carving out a bit of hipster life in the midst of one of the biggest cities in the world. She has patched together a bunch of jobs to pay the bills and has her eye on bigger and better things. One foot is in the door at a well known botanic garden, where she's working part time with school kids.

Her great-great Aunt Margretta's china is in her kitchen cupboards, her green/sustainability library is nestled in the bookcases and her guitar and ukelele are stowed in the corner of the living room. We've been to visit once, and hiked around their fun neighborhood. We'll head back on Sunday with the traditional Reed chocolate birthday cake and gifties in hand. 

This girl of ours...she lights up every life she wanders into. It's such a joy to see her out in the world, making it a better place for so many folks. 

Happy Birthday Gretsky!

Monday, March 3, 2014

D. carota

you sweet little carrots.
pulled from the soil of our vermont gardens,
tucked into the cooler and 
then into our connecticut refrigerator.
you have brought memories of summer days at
our beloved bit of earth into our winter days here.
thank-you, to the very last of you,
for surrendering to the alchemy in the kitchen
and turning into beautiful, delicious

recipe from here...