Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Sunday, July 11, 2010

leaving well enough alone

these chairs came from my gram's kitchen,
and have sat in our basement for years.
 i was going to strip the many layers of old paint
and give them a fresh coat.
it hasn't happened yet.
so i scrubbed them 
and decided to embrace the "shabby chic" look. 
 i found the perfect calico fabric for a tablecloth
and now i am glad the chairs are still "grammie lowry blue".


  1. Oh I was gonna cry if you said you painted over them..or stripped them...their charming..makes you want to sit down and eat apple pie

  2. Thet do look perfect, just as they are.

  3. They look wonderful as they are and I actually have one chair in the same style! It was painted a cream color and I don't even remember where we found it. Somehow we acquire all sorts of things! We actually had two but unfortunately one broke a few years ago when my husband sat on it for it had been left out on the porch and the weather must have weakened some of the wooden supports!

  4. They are so pretty, and the tablecloth goes beautifully!

  5. I'd love to park my behind on one of those chairs!
    What's for lunch?
    Better yet, how about dessert??

  6. Did someone say pie? Are you making pie? I'll be right over to sit on one of those perfectly shabby chic blue chairs!

  7. This looks sweet! My husband and I just learned a fun new card game. This would be the perfect spot to get out a deck of cards and relax!

  8. Wow, the chairs are so charming and beautiful. My friend Elyse is all about the shabby chic. People would pay good money and work really hard to get their chairs looking this loved and shabby cool. I adore them and am so glad you didn't strip them. The table cloth is perfect. Grammy Lowry blue is my new fave color!