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Friday, July 23, 2010

sugar shack, for making maple syrup!

Suz and Jane, you both crack me up!
(See yesterday's comments).

Actually, this is a mighty fine sugar shack,
built by a group of teens and their counselors, 
who came up from camp for a few days.
They pitched their tents and set to work,
using mostly salvaged, recycled and repurposed supplies.   
Wood storage is on the left,  the evaporator (a big old pan)
and fire box is on the right.
(Modest operation, to be sure, but that's all we need)!
Despite some mighty severe thunderstorms, 
alternating with some more heat and humidity,
they managed to build this in just a few days.
(They also enjoyed a dip in the chilly river down in the valley
and an afternoon trip to the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory).

I loved the energy and spirit around here.
And my friend Terry, from Connecticut, 
who was here for a few days
was a really good sport, she jumped right into the fray.

This place just gathers so many people up and works its magic.



  1. You do the coolest things! I'm loving your new banner; I can just taste those blueberries:)

  2. Oh, a sugar shack! how wonderful! I sent you a card that even has "gratitude" in the sentiment...afraid it might not have gotten there since i sent it to a VT address that i can't confirm on the internet now.

  3. This is going to be great! Lucky you. My family has sugared for a number of generations and early spring isn't right if I don't visit a sugar house.