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Thursday, July 22, 2010

what's this?

can you guess what was built up here
"a bit of earth"
this week?
(hint: it's not an outhouse)


  1. Farm stand? Blueberry muffin kiosk? Flower drying station? Billboard for aliens?

  2. well...first I hope it has nothing to do with hunting!
    secondly I hope it is for observation and painting
    thirdly..I think it IS a message board for aliens..

  3. Hmmmm...strange that the meadow around it wasn't mowed...a run-in shed for a horse? a solar dryer for blueberries? ...too sturdy for a picnic shelter, and the steep angle of the roof seems to be for a specific purpose, but can't figure out whether it's to shade from the sun or collect the sun...hmmm. Intriguing!