Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Friday, November 11, 2011


There's quite the hub-bub going on about the date, 11/11/11. Here are some of my favorite posts...and they represent a wide range of content!
Some say that the date is highly significant, others say it's just what comes next, chronologically. This is all I know for sure about today...
  • our yard is surrounded by a ribbon of red haze, caused by the flaming euonymus bushes.
  • the wind swept clouds are flying across a november blue sky and the american flags are snapping.
  • there are brussels sprouts, cranberries and more apples in the fridge, firewood stacked on the doorstep and clean laundry hanging on the drying racks.
  • i have good work to do today and tomorrow, and a chance to sit and knit for a bit, too.
Whatever comes next, or doesn't, I'm just hanging out here in the present moment...breathing and noticing, and collecting gratitude.  How about you? What do you make of the date?



      What we did in my class for 11/11/11!

    2. Rats, Han, I cannot access your link...

    3. Bummer! I guess it's hard now because you're not on Facebook, but it's supposed to be public!

    4. Thanks for the link!

      Our day, regardless of the numbers, was practically perfect, one of the best. The kids were off so we played all day--baseball, fairy houses, several art projects, a dance party, indoor picnic, watching our favorite tv show together, just great. So one of my wishes came true (do you do that? wish on the clock when the numbers repeat?)! And next year--12/12/12--is my birthday!!!

    5. Thanks for the linky love! J and I did a quick meditation at 11:11 this morning and other than that it was just a normal but wonderful work day in the hills!

    6. 11/11/11 doesn't resonate much with me, although I like the alliterative (can you say that of numbers?) nature of it. But 11 November is still widely observed in Europe and not just as an extra day off. WWI still has immediacy here in a way I never noticed in the States. I think of WWI in France and stories of life in Alsace at that time from my husband's family and also of Vera Britten and white poppies and the wish that war would never come again. I guess every generation has that, every country.