Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

rainy day ramble

  • It is impossible to choose a wall color on a rainy and overcast day. Even if you have an idea in your head of what you're looking for. 
  • Batman and I decided last night that scrubbing walls and woodwork after a long day is not as easy as it used to be. But we are not old geezers quite yet.
  • I donated another pint of blood today, in memory of Erin. (Do you donate blood?)
  • This is a fabulous movie (thanks, Doug and Ra, for the recommendation).
  • I have a jar of local nutritious deliciousness on my kitchen counter...home grown sprouts. To use in a sandwich tomorrow, I think.

  • Sometimes when you long for more meaning in your life, opportunities turn up, just like that. At least that's what's been happening to me lately.
  • I am counting the days till I get to hug some of my favorite people and celebrate the best of all holidays.
  • I am going to make a bumper sticker to put on my car. This is what it is going to say, "Caution! I stop for STOP signs".  I would also like to find a device that would attach to my bumper, with long spikes on it, to deter tailgaters. My best buddy Liz and I talk about these things over coffee and it seems to help us stay sane. (She gave blood today, too...thanks, Liz).
So that's enough rambling from me. Tell me what's on your mind...where has it rambled today?


  1. I agree with you 100% about things showing up. The more energy you focus on something, the more energy seems to be attracted to it!

  2. Oh ..picking out paint...I'm still thinking about my bathroom gray...who knew there were ssssso many grays to choose from...and mu husband hates gray anyway..oh my
    I took a peek at the trailer...looks depressing to me ...I just watched The pillars of the earth mini series with was good, but different than the book

    Erin...yes...I remember...and I hope I always do...she mattered..send love to her mom
    Give blood...I have very shallow veins and everytime I try..they send me away...oh well
    Morfe meaning in life...I am happy to say I have always know my meaning
    A friend of ours granddaughter hung herself yesterday....meaning...I fear this child hadn't found any... only 17

  3. Dearest Reed,
    Many many thanks to you and your friend Liz. I returned home late last night from a LONG day at work and then a lovely dinner treat with two friends from grammar school and read your post. Made me a bit teary... and happy, the donation and the sunflower rug? What room are you painting? I LOVE choosing paint colors, and I agree that it's quite tricky on an overcast day. I'm nearly ready to make some color changes around here, AFTER the holidays. Right now, the brain is rather scrambled.
    (suz - love received, thank you)

  4. Karen, I have only been back in town for 48 hours and I want one of your bumper stickers. 3700 miles later and I still think the most thoughtless drivers are here on the East Coast. You are an inspiration, I will try to give blood again soon.

  5. I liked the top right-hand swatch, and the bottom yellowy one - but personally I'd be going for a rosy-pink hue, with highlights of yellow somewhere (bottom swatch). I always love what light does on rosy pink walls. I just wish I had the energy to do some painting myself. The bathroom's all I could manage, I think - and I intend to get to that before Christmas. But without help, there's no way I could manage moving furniture around to even get at the walls. Oh how I hate getting old.

  6. Karen, I love that rug and those colors!!!!
    The bumper sticker and device you talked about sound like some of Kate's work! Maybe there's a TED talk ahead for you!!
    And looking for meaning and good things happening reminds me of the law of attraction, which I've been reading about lately.
    And thank you for the movie recommendation - I love William Hurt and it sounds like a good one!